'Jersey Shore' Star 'The Situation' Says 'DWTS' Left Him Struggling for Sobriety

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The SituationThree years have gone by since he was a contestant on the show, but Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino blames Dancing With the Stars for the pill addiction he's battled ever since.

While competing on DWTS, he suffered a neck injury, which he wound up being prescribed pain killers for. The pills led to Mike developing an addiction to opiates that was so bad, there were days he admits he couldn't even find the energy to get dressed and get out of bed.

Thankfully, he seems to have things mostly under control now even though he's still taking medication for his injury and is in counseling to deal with his addiction.

But what happened to Mike just goes to show how grueling being on DWTS is for some contestants. Going through hours and hours of daily rehearsals to get ready to perform each week is no joke.

Even though some of the cast members are already in amazing shape when they go on the show, nothing can truly prepare them for how much stress their bodies are going to go through while learning the dances. Most of them are moving around in ways they aren't used to, and one wrong move can leave them with an injury that they may wind up dealing with for years to come.

And it really bugs me how no one gives these dancers enough credit, especially when they don't naturally pick up on the steps and look like Fred Astaire on the very first night. I mean -- give them a break! What they're trying to learn to do is HARD in every sense of the word, and it just isn't right for viewers and also the judges to pick on them or give them a hard time.

Hopefully hearing that Mike is still having trouble with his injury and resulting addiction will inspire people to offer a little more support to the new DWTS season 17 contestants instead of immediately criticizing them for being less than perfect. 

You know what they say -- you can't judge someone until you've danced a mile in their shoes!

Do you think it was brave of Mike to speak out about his addiction?


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nonmember avatar MammaMel

And yet...dance is not a sport........they don't even do the most taxing KINDS of dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop).......

nonmember avatar Anna

Any excuse is better then none. He should (and the counseling should help him) realize that the party hearty lifestyle the entire group were living is the cause for his addiction.

Gail Ruark Mills

I'm so sorry for what happen to Mike, I truely am. This is just my opinion but don't these celebraties know what is involved with being on this show. It's just like anything else in life you take a chance on injury in anything you do. Yes I do realize how intense & stressfull the prep for these shows are they show how hard it can be so why don't they know. Surely they can't think it is just an easy in & out thing. I applaud the celebs for being on there, I know I couldn't do it even in my younger years. I guess what I'm saying is he didn't have to stay on there did he & maybe he just has very low self control. Sometimes it is easier to blame someone else for your problems and I don't think he should be blaming DWTS for his addiction. He needs to except his blame himself!!!

Pamela J Kimmich

Guess some people cant take the blame for something they've done in their life!


Moongoose McQueen

When you perform publicly, it would be rediculous to say not to critique them. That's the whole point. I disagree that they don't do the most taxing type of dances. Ballroom and latin are as hard hip hop and jazz.

Susie Shunkey Sanchez

That is BS........ He could have used alternative things for pain instead of pills.... I don't buy it.. I have 2 slipped disc and 5 degenerated disc and I don't use pain pills. Deal with it....

Ginny Peluso

No one forced him to do the show and he got paid well for it. And many other people suffer severe injuries and have pain killers for awhile and don`t let themselves become addicted. I have severe back issues and neurological issues from a car accidient years ago and I just deal with the pain or take Advil occassionally. You can`t blame someone else for your weaknesses. You have to take responsibility for your own actions.

Karen Rinehart

I truly applaud him for coming forward. He could have kept it a secret like a lot of people do when they have an addiction.

Tammy Dutch

He was an idiot before he was on it and obviously he still is! No one is to blame for any drug use except for yourself....No one on  the show shoved the pills down his throat.  I was once married to a drug addict and this is just one of the "pity me" ploys they use.  Always blaming everyone except themselves.  Be a man, put down the pills and take control of your life!

Linda C Neal Gill

People should really take responsibility for themselves and not blame others. If he had watched the show before he went on it, he would know how tough it is!!

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