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the4m... the4mutts

Lmao!! I dont like celeb gossip, but these are little snippets they've said themselves.

Cute, and gross

nonmember avatar Angel

I could have lived my whole life without knowing that about Michael Douglas. OMG!!!!

Amanda Mize

my son was born with a few extra nipples they are gone but left a trace of what it was behind

most people dont know but when u are forming inside the mother u actually have 6 nipples that fade during development and that is in literature as well as being told by a doctor cause i freaked when  i seen them i thought it was a deformity....alot of people are actually born this way

Candy Willard

I'm w/ Rob..sorry..I wash my hair like once a month and you can't tell! I rinse it and condition it everyday..but shampooing..nah, it washes all the natural oils out of your hair..YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GO AS LONG AS YOU CAN BETWEEN WASHES, ask any hairdresser! When it's dirty it's more manageable besides..and who the hell ever said snooky was a celeb? Please..she's a dirty biatch! Let her go already!

Taylor Danielle Hill

I am a hair stylist and i would advise shampooing it twice a week. Its absolutely disgusting when people come in for a haircut and have the nastiest hair. 

Stacey Mehaffey Rawlings

If I don't wash my hair every single day, it looks like it was dipped in oil. I can't imagine even going for 1 week without a wash. Gross.

Mrs.A... Mrs.AdamSarah

I wash my hair every couple days, mainly because it always knots when it's washed and i have a sensative head when i brush it. the knots hurt a lot and tend to make me cry.

nonmember avatar crossfire72

I am not surprised to hear he dosen't wash his hair or his face,that is why he lets it grow that way it is a good excause not to wash he said that a long time ago in one of his run off at the mouth interview's.He uses lots of powder instead

nonmember avatar gemluvr

Well, I can see not washing my hair for 2 days since washing it, but 6 weeks... yikes. That's not too healthy. It's good to not wash it too much because the oils in your scalp are good for your hair. Washing every 2 days works for me. Then I have very happy curls ;-))))))))) But that's the most I'll go. 6 weeks is not good... You can get zits in your scalp! Probably worse! Sounds like he doesn't like to clean his apartment too ;-P I'm not a huge fan of housework either, but at least I do load and unload my dishwasher. My house can use some vacuuming but it's fairly clean...

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