Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's TV Wedding Postponed -- What’s Up With That?

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Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciNow that they're officially living together in Dallas, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have postponed their wedding until sometime in 2014.

Remember when they insisted they were going to tie the knot fairly quickly after getting engaged in Thailand? Yeah, that didn't happen. Apparently reality hit and they wised up and realized that it probably wasn't a great idea to rush into things, you know -- just in case they turned out to be all wrong for each other. (And Sean's DWTS gig kinda got in the way, but that's beside the point.)

Now the real reason they decided to put off their nuptials has emerged, and it's not exactly what any of us were expecting.

Supposedly Sean and Catherine weren't thrilled with the idea of taping another TV show, which is why they suddenly hit the brakes on planning their wedding.

And while some fans might take them postponing their big day as a sign that there's trouble in the relationship or that they aren't ready to be man and wife, their explanation actually makes a ton of sense.

I've never appeared on a reality TV show, but something tells me having cameras constantly following you around gets a little bit old after a while, especially when you're trying to get to know the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with.

We know their wedding special will likely be a two-part thing, probably showing the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties (if they have them), and all sorts of stuff leading up to the big day. It's totally understandable that Sean and Catherine weren't ready to commit to having so much of their lives taped so soon after The Bachelor ended.

At least now that they're in Dallas, they'll get to spend some more quality moments together as a "normal" couple. When the time comes to capture all the wedding footage, they'll be more than ready for it.

And who are we kidding -- you know everyone who's anyone is going to tune in to watch them get hitched when it happens. (Heck, I'll probably throw a party and invite a bunch of girlfriends over for a champagne toast.)

Do you think it's a bad sign that Sean and Catherine postponed their wedding?


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Roberta Howard

Good idea.. Take there time


Dee Newberry Hull


Joanne Hintz

leave them alone! Let them enjoy dating!

nonmember avatar Sophia

They are enjoying engagement bliss. I think they have to " follow ABC 's schedule"'. My friends and I are planning to have a party during the airing of the wedding. Hopefully, the wedding will happen soon.

Puri Shea

Not @ all admin, let's hoping they are much in love and work things out for the best of them two,,, just wish their relationship blossoming,,, it was not easy to tape another show of their special day.

Ana Garcia

NO not @ all. some times too fast is no good,they'll have a more beautiful wedding if wait ,good luck to both  <3

Leigh Ann Rone Russell

Starting to wonder if they are ever going to make it official and say I DO 

Chrissy Siebeneck

no it's sensible, your all on his a-- about being fake and wanting camera time , but try all this yourself so we can pick you apart like a turkey left on the bone


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