Not Everyone Wants to See Charlie Hunnam Naked in '50 Shades of Grey'

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charlie hunnam, 50 shades of greyRaise your hand if you are eager to see Charlie Hunnam naked. Okay, now put down your hand, THE UNIVERSE. Clearly whoever was going to play Christian Grey was going to have a bod that won't quit (mmm, delicious sexism). When Hunnam was announced, the first thing we all did (after lifting our jaws from the floor) was immediately begin conjuring up a decent mental image of the man in his birthday suit.

His bare abs are not just on the minds of non-famous fans, either. As the buzz continues about the Fifty Shades of Grey flick, more and more folks are sharing their pervy excitement over seeing Hunnam in the buff. Even his Sons of Anarchy costars are getting in on the conversation.

His friends and castmates are so happy about this breakthrough opportunity. The show's creator Kurt Sutter has known that the show had a movie star in their midst for a while. The rest of his TV family also couldn't help but gush. Katy Segal, who plays Charlie's mom on the show, is really psyched for him, and so is Maggie Siff, his TV wife.

Less excited? Some of the burlier members of Hunnam's TV crew. Kim Coates was complimentary, but had reservations about just one thing when it came to Charlie taking to the big screen:

I'm proud of him. I really am proud of him. He's an amazing actor. I'll be there at the premiere. I can't wait to see his work ... I don't want to see him naked and everyone else does, so that's fine!

Totally fine by us, Kim. That just means more naked Charlie for the rest of us. Now excuse us, we've got photos to drool over.

Are you going to watch Sons of Anarchy this season for Charlie?


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Severine Dauchy

Mauvais choix concernant christian il n'as rien de chaud nio du personnage du livre même avec un relooking ça le fera pas

nonmember avatar Robin Wiese

He's to ugly to play Christian. He's not right for the role at all and I know that some people will agree with me that movie is so going to suck now and probably won't see it.

Sandi Glover

i wont see the film... there is no pull or attraction to the chosen characters. I will read my book and be happy with the movie in my head & dreams. 

Cindy Mackey Keckler

I can't wait to see him in this movie! I wasn't sure who I wanted to play Christain cause copper hair is a rare find and the dark headed actors I couldn't picture playing Christain so I am glad to see Charlie in this role plus his awesome body.


Jackie Rivera

They should of used channing Tatum for this that's a sexy man right there and has a sexy body. I love Charlie hunman but this is not the right part for him.

Barbara Williams

Nope!! Never watched it before and deffently  see no reason to watch it now. He is not asexy to me at all!!

Jane Campanella

Not thrilled with the choices. He looks too rough....get him to get his hands manicured,...he looks like he's been working in the fields, not in a luxury office. I guess we'll have to see.  And, in regard to Dakota Johnson....well, guess we'll have to see, but she doesn't look innocent enough....Who knows?

nonmember avatar Carrie sobek

If they dont want to see him naked thats just beyond me its still because they are throwing their fits about who didnt get that part I saw his ass on S.O.A last night and omg cant wait to see it in the movie

Beth Smith

I underst

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