Has Gretchen Rossi Finally Burned Every Bridge in Orange County?

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vicki gunvalson, gretchen rossiVicki Gunvalson never does anything halfway. If you're friends, you are best friends for life. She will have your back and woohoo it up with you until the cows come home. Those cows will be drunk from the vodka Vicki has given them. But it goes both ways. Because, if Vicki hates you, she will finish you like a bad guy in Mortal Kombat. You will be KO'ed. 

Just ask Gretchen Rossi. Wait, maybe don't ask her -- she might start singing at you and no one wants that. It's not exactly news that Vicki and Gretchen loathe each other the way I (and all sane people) loathe fishpaste. But the way Vicki's talking lately, Gretchen might have finally gone too far.

In a recent interview, Vicki couldn't even rile up rage about her co-star:

Gretchen and I haven't talked since the reunion. I have no desire! (laughs) Put it that way. I don't know what she's up to. I have no desire.

It's more proof that this past season, Gretchen burned every bridge she had in Orange County. Slade doesn't count as a bridge. He is more like the gas you throw on the bridges to make sure they burn faster. She could have had a friend in Tamra, but Gretchen lies like Lydia McLaughlin's mom smokes weed -- All. The. Time. Tamra gave her so many chances to fix things, but Gretchen couldn't even admit she was wrong.

Even mellow Heather Dubrow couldn't muster fondness for Gretchen after she decided to use the taping of one of Heather's guest appearances as just another place to perform the Gretchen-Is-God show. If no one is even talking to the woman, will she be back next season? I'm all about a Housewives feud, but the idea of a season-long session of the silent treatment verges dangerously close to experimental theatre for my liking.

Do you think Gretchen will be back next season?


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nonmember avatar nicole

Its clear you hate Grethen. Why would she talk to vicki. She has seen Heather but of course thing might be a little differnt with them now after she was atacked on tv my her so called friends

stars... starshine77

Wow, this is the most biased anti-Gretchen article I've read in awhile. Vicki is no angel. She's lied, cheated, and been a major hypocrite. Tamra is extremely nasty and two-faced and untrustworthy. And then there is Heather who is so full of herself, it's sickening. Gretchen is an angel compared to those three. Did you see the way they treated her at the reunion? Why is she supposed to admit to things these women accuse her of or is lying if she doesn't. 



Lynn Vaughn Shiver

I sure hope so after all look how they have treated her,she has a right to stand up for herself,tamara is the shit starter get rid of her

nonmember avatar Callie

Vicki is just a hater!! She needs to worry about her family instead of being worried if Tamera and Gretchen are friends. I really think they need to open their eyes to what kind of person Vicki is! Love the show but its like Jr high girls fighting and arguing all the time!!

Deborah Murdock Richards

I hope Gretchen is the only one that returns, the rest need to leave.


nonmember avatar brenda

Of course she will return! Vicki and Tamra are two that need to go! I Won't watch that show again if those two back stabbing, ugly trouble makers, come back next year. I truly wonder if you watched the same show as the rest of the world?

JeaneMarie Newton-Hall

I love Gretchen I wouldn't watch this if they didn't bring her back.


Carol McCrillis

  Vicki Gunvalson, is a bitch and needs to be the center of attention.   As I see it, she is so self centered that she only care about her feelings, not even her daughters.  

Teri Patience

No not really with all due respect. 


Rebeka Mata Arnold

Yeah, If you are going to have a blog, you should at least FAKE being OBJECTIVE! You're lame, you're favorites are LAME and I'm sick of all of you! Don't call it a blog--if you can't be objective and report as such--it's just a damn High School Diary honey! #lameass

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