'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Alexia Echevarria Joins the Lea Black Hate Club

Alexia EchevarriaSooner or later every Real Housewife learns what Alexia Echevarria learned on The Real Housewives of Miami tonight -- there is no middle ground. You can try to play all sides for awhile, but sooner or later, you'll be forced to choose. Tonight, Alexia chose the Lea Black haters, and there's no going back now.

After Lea begged Alexia on her knees to attend her gala for the children (while attending Alexia's event to promote her own magazine), Alexia agreed. She'd gone every year previously, and there was no reason for her not to this year ... or at least there wasn't until she entered the leaking disco/party/stripper bus with Marysol Patton, Adriana de Moura, and Ana Quincoces.

Even though Alexia seemed legitimately under the weather, still she joined them for a day of gay polo. She decided not to tell them that she was going to be leaving from the event and going on to Leah's gala until it was time to go. When she finally broke the news, it turned into a scene right out of any junior high, with the mean girls trying to bully and badger some poor girl into hating someone else.

"Whose side are you on?" they demanded. At first it looked like Alexia was actually going to show that she possesses a spine and go to the gala as she intended. "You guys need to grow up, because this is not about winning or losing," she told them as she left the bus.

Once home, however, she thought otherwise. She called Lea to tell her she was too sick to attend the gala; and she told the cameras that her decision not to attend was based on her "friends" making her question Lea's motives. So she can't blame it on the cold alone. She made her choice, and she really had no reason, other than the others wanted her to do so. As Lea said, it was just a bunch of "hating on the prom queen."

I keep waiting to see Adriana and her posse's side of things and for my eyes to be opened to the evil of Lea Black they profess, but I don't see it. Much more starkly I see their jealousy and pettiness, and it's too bad they sucked Alexia into it.

Do you think Alexia made a mistake in ditching Lea's party?


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nonmember avatar mel

yes I think she made a mistake because of how she came to the decision of not attending - she allowed herself to be INFLUENCED! Think for yourself, Alexia! lost total respect for the woman.

nonmember avatar sue

A bunch of immature women! Leave lea alone. So stupid. She has been good to all

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

Yup I do agree with some of you on here I do feel Alexia made a Mistake not going cuz of the fact she had Listen to the women an I feel it's not fair how all of them went right at Alexia about Lea .

Joan Taber

I think Alexia should have made up her own mind instead of listening to others. But, I am not a Lea fan - I find her loud, obnoxious, and phony. This is the worst Real Housewives series.

nonmember avatar louise

So high school. I just saw the movie valley girl Julie ... man the mean girls too.. Adrianna such a con. Such a lier. You know I didn't like Lea but she has shown Class over gruel. Ur grown women in ur 40+ grow up already. Respect to you Lea.

nonmember avatar M.Farber

Lea clearly is the bigger person in this group of girls. Cubans are being racist it seems to Lisa & the other non cuban girls. Marisol true colors are coming to light. As Lea's friend Elaine called Marisol out on is ALL TRUE. Marisol is the worst of the worst. Voodoo on you Plastic face frump.

nonmember avatar Flori Schefske

Alexia let the other manipulaed her into no going to Lea's

nonmember avatar Jess

I'm not a Lea or Adriana fan, and I feel like both ladies are drama queens. And let me not get started on the ultimate shit talker, Joanna.

Alexia...if you were really under the weather you should have just stayed home! No gay polo, no gala, just you, some blankets, and tea. Instead you just came off as weak and that's not the fabulous Cuban Barbie doll we've known to love. The Lea & Adriana fight is not yours not get involved in. Steer clear of the drama.

TanaElia TanaElia

no I absolutely do not believe Alexia made a mistake by not going to Lea's black gala, does anybody remember season 1 where they had to use two episodes to cover Lea's gala and now we were down to American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, REALLY! American Idol and the record company even gave him the boot. If that was the big entertainer, I would want a refund! does anybody remember what a huge deal the gala was in season 1 they showed boxers and race car drivers. Then last year we had the 6-foot version of Lea named Elaine and like the wonderful mama Elsa put her in her place by making a big deal all last season about walking the filthy red rag it used to be a joy to watch the annual black gala. but for people to try and say Alexia doesn't have a right like any mother that had to go through what she did with such unbelievable strength and faith she has every right to crawl into bed if she doesn't feel well after what she's gone through and not come out for a week and doesn't owe anyone especially the viewers an explanation she's been through enough and I look up to her because of the strength and courage she showed. Lea's gala started as an A celebrity charity event and it might be the end of RHOM. Because of the most BORING season of any of the Cities, the weddings were boring and predictable Lisa and Lenny baby drama was boring and not having mama Elsa I was ready to switch off right then!

nonmember avatar wtf

You people must have no life if you give such importance to this crap, staged "reality" show. I know people who produce reality tv. its fake. I also find it increasingly stupifying.

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