E.L. James Is Convinced Dakota Johnson Was Born to Play Anastasia Steele (PHOTO)

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dakota johnson in cymbelineDakota Johnson shooting 'Cymbeline'Despite being one of -- if not THE! -- luckiest actresses in Hollywood right now, Dakota Johnson can't seem to catch a break with the Fifty Shades of Grey fans who continue to shake their heads about her casting. Well, that may be all about to change, because E.L. James herself has made it clear that she adores her on-screen Anastasia Steele -- and we should too!

It all started when Erika, Dakota, and Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti hung out in NYC this weekend and took a cute group shot. Check it out ...







E.L. James dakota johnson dana brunetti

Awww, see! Look how cozy the trio is already! And they haven't even started shooting yet! Love it! Along with the pic, Erika tweeted, "The beautiful, talented, funny as feck, Dakota Johnson. Oh and that bloke @DanaBrunetti."

Yeesh! I'd wager E.L. James hasn't been this in love with anyone since she first created Christian Grey! She's head over heels for Dakota! I mean, really, why wouldn't she be? She suits all the requirements and then some -- rising star, comfortable in sexy roles, chemistry with Charlie, plus all of the aforementioned traits E.L. ticked off! It's no wonder she won the hotly contested role. 

And if this ringing endorsement -- and totally cute snapshot -- doesn't seal the deal for fans, I don't know what will. Ah, well, I guess seeing this much ballyhooed chemistry between Dakota and Charlie firsthand will help. In the meantime, though, we can rest assured that E.L. James obviously digs her -- so, hey, why can't we?

Does E.L. James' faith in Dakota make you like her more as Ana?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Stazzia

Blah, blah, blah. EL is doing damage control trying to espouse her support of Dakota even though she could have done better. This picture doesn't look convincing. It's a plain photo op trying to assuage fan uproar over her casting. Period.

nonmember avatar Shlalg

I feel like these pathetic books are a parody of BDSM dressed up with a heavy dose of controlling abuse, all while promoting terrible stereotypes about women and women's sexuality. The fact that they`re getting a movie makes me sicker than I already was from them being so popular.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I believe she personally likes her that's why she chose her! Not bc she was the best for the role but bc she dresses old lady-like like EL & she's not sexy or pretty AT ALL also like EL James! It's personal rather than professional! I'm so irritated

Mary Cawley

I think Dakota will be great playing the part and Charlie.

Alison Ellis

Will all the doubters give this movie a chance as it is E L James baby surely she is the person who knows the characters best of all and who should be playing them.

nonmember avatar Ana Lazo

Everyone needs to stop with the negative comments. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I myself am very excited.

nonmember avatar Ashlie

Dakota would be a good Kate but not anna!

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