Robert Pattinson Won't Replace Kristen Stewart Until the Time Is Exactly Right

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Robert PattinsonSurprise, sur-freakin'-prise -- apparently Robert Pattinson isn't ready to date after splitting from Kristen Stewart, according to a supposed friend of his. (Don't you love how celebs' "friends" are always speaking on their behalf? What the heck?)

The source says, "Rob has absolutely no interest in dating anyone right now. His number one priority is music and movies." And oh yeah, this person also admits that "Rob likes to flirt," which proves he's exactly who we think he is -- a dude who just got out of a long-term relationship and has absolutely no intention of being tied down to one woman again anytime soon.

Translation -- (how do I put this politely ...) he wants to get with as many chicks as he can before venturing into serious girlfriend territory again.

But honestly, can you blame him? He's a guy. And he's only 27. If there's any time in his life when he should go out there and sow his wild oats and get the casual hookup thing out of his system -- it's now.

What would the point be of limiting his options when he obviously has so many to choose from? He really missed out on dipping into the dating pool for all those years he was shacking up with Kristen. He might as well get his feet wet and find out what he really wants in a woman before settling down again.

It's almost like he's doing everything backwards compared to most men his age. In his early 20s, he was practically married. Now he's "divorced" and ready to go to college and become a frat daddy and add a few notches to his belt (in the most respectable way possible) before graduating, entering his 30s, and deciding he's ready to give the wife and kids thing a whirl.

And then when he hits 40 he can turn around and have an affair with Kristen and start the process all over again. (Get in line now, ladies.)

Do you think it's a good idea for Rob to stay single for a while?


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Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Least 6 to 8 years later he will be back with Kristen right now he need to have wild oats for while no need serious because they still young til Kristen is 30 or 32. He will be 34 to 36 years I predict them.

Carol Bonsall

...REPLACE KRISTEN..very strange and upsetting use of words..thankyou mary fischer.

Mary-Gladys Martin Kent

gross there are Ladies that would not date a pig that went around sowing his in every open door---not aware of that? that's kind of disgusting no?.yes.j

Cindy Hatch Hall

Rob needs time to figure out if Kristen is the one for him.  They were thrown together with the Twilight series and they have to be able to separate fact from fiction in their relationship.  Rob has stated that he is a one-woman man and I'm sure he is being very careful to make sure Kristen is the woman he spends the rest of his life with.    I don't for a minute think he is bedding every woman that he shares breathing space with and even the women the tabs are claiming he has been hanging out with.   The tabs are destroying these two people with all of the lies.  I believe they love each other and if it is meant to be it will happen.

nonmember avatar guest

What makes you think she will wait for him. He can sow all the oats he wants but Kristen will probably not have him back. i will be cheering her on and wishing her the best.

Bonni... Bonniemae62

He is in a same sex marriage... He has no desire to get back together with her

nonmember avatar faithful

Rob has been slogging whoever he wanted this whole time and Kris gets busted because she developed a real relationship with someone else. I hope she can get along without him but it is obvious she is the only one who is really in love. Pattinson is just a f**king guy who gets off on whoever drops the panties. Kris is a victim, to bad she is so in love. Seen this crap so many times, makes me sad. When will women understand they should not take this s**t. We passed the equal rights amendmentment in the 70's, sort of, why don't women teach thier daughters to have pride and demand to be treated with respect and real love.

Rug Bugz

He should show what he is really like and hook up with someone 'slutty'.
He had a good thing with Lovely Kristen and HE blew it.
Perhaps a good partner for him would be Miley Cyrus!!!

Cynthia Maria Costa

Well, That's good for Rob to stay single for a while...

nonmember avatar Eve

Can u say STD wow had more respect for u Rob but just lost it. A real man wouldn't act like that and god didnt make u like that come on be single and let love work it will find u. Some pol think it's greener on the other side and it's not

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