Desiree Hartsock Sees Chris Siegfried’s Embarrassing Side -- Will It Make Her Love Him or Leave Him?


desiree hartsock, chris siegfriedIf it's Monday and the earth is still spinning on its axis, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are frantically trying to convince the public at large that they are desperately in love. You know what might help bolster the idea of their happiness more than all of these social media updates? A little radio silence! We could all just quietly assume that they'd sauntered off for some naked alone-time as real couples are wont to do.

But Des has decided that silence is for the birds, and Chris agrees with her. If it has happened in their daily lives, they have chronicled it for our reading pleasure. I am surprised we are not all receiving alerts when one of them uses the bathroom. But it looks like the bloom might be falling from the rose, because check out what annoying habit Des revealed might drive her and Chris apart.

The dude is a terrible singer! And like many terrible singers before him, he decided to break out his best Madonna while driving along with his beloved. Des playfully tweeted to all of their fans that singing ain't exactly Chris's area.

desiree harstock twitter


Can you imagine Chris staring unblinkingly at Des and wailing the chorus of "Like a Virgin"? I die. The poor woman had no choice but to tweet it out. It was do that, or throw herself from the moving car. In all relationships sooner or later, our partner's quirks rear their tuneless heads. It looks like that's already happening for Des and Chris. With the added pressure of being under such scrutiny, these little irritating quirks could easily become deal breakers.

Do you think it's normal for Des to be sharing this much about Chris?


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nonmember avatar DaisyKat

Of course it is normal. Shame on you for writing such a negative article that borders on being mean-spirited. Why would we watch a season of bachelorette and not want to know how they are doing and I and my friends enjoy seeing news about them and seeing it often.

Carolyn Carpenter

Oh come on now!  If that's all Des has to complain about she's a lucky girl--having a boyfriend that can't carry a tune.  Look at that photo of them--they are totally in love.   Chris has totally changed in his demeanor--more relaxed and all smiles--can't take his eyes off her and most likely the same for his hands.  And Des--she just looks so happy and relaxed with him.  He just brings out the real beauty in her and she does the same for him................................Sign me--A Devoted Fan

nonmember avatar wendy wilson

you need to calm down i get that she was in love with Brooks (who) but she did tell Chris how she was feeling i do not doubt her until there is a reason to ....we all have someone like that in our family when i was younger i was singing and someone told me that i have a lovely voice but not for singing so that with the negativity, and find something positive to say...we have enough negative in the world.

nonmember avatar Old Fud

- - - and you get paid for writing this drivel?

nonmember avatar Lindsay

seriously give them a break they are happy and that's not even close to a deal breaker

nonmember avatar Alana

Really, you have got to be kidding? I bet Desiree knew he wasn't perfect, as are none of the rest of us. He loves her and she loves him. Hard to write negative stories about that, eh? She was just joking around.

nonmember avatar cristina

Really? I've read a lot of article about Des and Chris and speculations why they are about to break up but this by far is the most stupid one I've ever read. Whatever they are doing from posting pics of their activities to tweeting are all normal. I am in love to who I think is the greatest man ever and I want to share that..... to shout and yell that I love this guy. That's what you do when you're in love, you want the whole world to know. And I'm just your average Jane. How much more with them that they have fans they know woukd want to know how they are doing. And her tweeting about Chris' s bad singing its actually cute. The fact that they can make jokes and poke fun at each other and laugh at themselves shows how comfortabls they are. Get over the Brooks thing already. Like they said in tge Bachelorette everuthing is accelerated. So if she fell in love fast couldn't she get over the heartbreak fast too? Besides its not like she never had feelings for Chris. And yeah he might be her "second choice" but sometimes things havd a way of working out the way it should be. The important thing is they are together regardless of how they got to where they are now.

nonmember avatar Voice of Reason

Actually, this is an inside joke between Chris and Des. Back in mid-August when Chris and Desiree did an interview with a local TV station, he joked about her 'beautiful' singing voice and how they are still together after the road trip. Here is the link:

nonmember avatar Harry p

No one cares. I can't believe I even came to this page

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