Desiree Hartsock's Career Move Makes Her Look Just Like Every Other 'Bachelorette'

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Desiree HartsockYou know how pretty much every Bachelor and Bachelorette insist they don't want to be famous and don't plan on using their reality TV stardom to help give them some sort of career boost? Yeah, I'm calling bullsh&% on that one.

No one can blame them for using the celeb status they gain as a result of the show to their advantage. Still, it is interesting how a lot of them wind up making similar career moves after their seasons are over to capitalize on their new found recognition.

And I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this. Yep, Desiree Hartsock is starting a blog -- because of course she is.

I mean, isn't that what former Bachelorettes do?

Emily Maynard has a fashion and style blog. Jillian Harris has an interior design blog. And Ali Fedotowsky has a Bachelorette blog, of all things.

And that's why Des has to get herself a website too -- because everybody's doing it and it would really suck for her to get left out of the cool crowd.

Want to take a guess as to what the theme of her blog will be? Wedding planning and advice. You know, because she's an expert in all things wedding related because of her former gig as a bridal stylist. (Right.)

I mean no disrespect to Des or anything because I think she's a great gal and all -- but isn't it a little bit premature for her to be launching a wedding advice blog when she hasn't, you know, taken part in a wedding as of yet?

Sure, she's got the dress part down pat -- but the attire is only a small fraction of the hoopla that goes into putting on a successful wedding. And I'm thinking before she gets too far in over her head, she might want to at least take a crack at walking down the aisle herself before dishing out tips to other brides. (Just a suggestion.)

Or at least maybe Des should stick to style tips for the time being. Then once (if and when) she's Mrs. Chris Siegfried, she can kick things up a notch or two.

Would you take wedding advice from a single woman?


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Elaine Cox

its almost like its not real or something

youth... youthfulsoul

Jillian Harris also has a tv show, love it or list it too.

nonmember avatar Sally

You know, her career has been wedding planning so why wouldn't she have a blog? Your premise that she should walk down the aisle herself first is ridiculous. A rocket scientist doesn't actually fly a rocket before he designs it! Your story is a waste of space.

Carol Parks

Mary Fischer, REALLY??? LOL! This is such a BOGUS article. You can't call it journalism, but you can call it GARBAGE. Ever since the end of the Bachelorette, it seems all the Tabloids have just made up stuff. No surprise, they always do. But, everyone knows Des worked in a Bridal Shop in L.A., and also makes her own designs and gowns. In fact, she is making her own wedding dress now. Many people have Blogs, you don't have to be famous to have one. And you don't have to be married or been married to give advice on designs, and other related stuff. Like invitations, decorations, designing a gown, many things that Des has plenty of experience on.

Maybe you, and all the other wanna be writers, can take a hint, and do some research and put out reaL STORIES, THAT HAVE FACT'S, YOU KNOW  TRUTH! This made up stuff is just stupid, and NOT believable. And to be honest, most people do not want to read such garbage.

Cheryl Phillips

Where did she work in the wedding industry? OR is it just something she wants to do? Hmmm... How about plan a few weddings then start a blog. Or not.

nonmember avatar Mary Ann Love

I would take advice you don't have to be married to be a wedding planner

nonmember avatar Marian

So she wants to work in her already chosen field doing what she was doing before being the bachelorette? Wow, that is news. If she weren't working - you could say she is a bum! You would have liked that!

nonmember avatar Becky Higgins

So if that's your way of thinking , then I should have told my Obgyn, that before he could start delivering babies he needed to have one.

Diane Sheehan Keeley

Tell me that women don't lose their first names still? WTF? She would be Mrs. Desiree Heartsock or whatever his name is. I had a dentist send me something to my name like that, Mrs. Daniel Keeley. I immediately called them and tell them, I still exist, with a different last name. Sorry, but that is a pet peeve of mine! :]

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