Miley Cyrus Gets a Serious Punishment for Her VMA Twerk-Fest

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miley cyrusProfessional repercussion numero uno has been bestowed unto Miley Cyrus for her uncomfy VMA Twerk Fest. And her punishment has been dealt out by none other than fashion's ice queen herself: Anna Wintour.

Miley was slotted to be on the cover of Vogue in a few months (which, hello, is amazing press for a celebrity), but after HRH Wintour got wind of Miley's raunchy, finger foam-toting performance (and likely watched it through sunglass-enrobed eyes on YouTube), she "decided to take the cover in a different direction."

Oof. Cyrus, y'burnt.

There are a few people you don't want to be blacklisted by when you're a celeb, and Anna Wintour is certainly one of them. For Miley's cover shoot to be cancelled because Anna found it "distasteful" doesn't bode well for the pop star. Not only does it sound like she'll never score a Vogue cover again, I wouldn't be surprised if other magazines followed suit. What Miley did was "distasteful", and sorry, but "distasteful" is never in vogue. Quite literally, apparently.

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Miley Cyrus is a very famous celebrity. A celebrity who, quite frequently, appears on magazine covers and on talk shows. She, or someone from "her team", ought to realize that, when that's the case, you can't go around saying and doing whatever you want. It is her mouth, but she can't say what she wants to. Cyrus wants to have her cake (sing songs about drugs; grind on older dudes) and eat it too (grace the cover of one of the most prestigious fashion magazines). Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Miley's VMA performance may have hurt her career more than she realizes.

Now. Let's see if Robin Thicke gets blacklisted from the magazine as well.

What do you think of Miley's Vogue cover being cancelled?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Glad to hear it. She could have done so much more with who she was. Instead it seems like she'd rather follow in Lindsey Lohan's footsteps.

BatMom. BatMom.

I like Miley Cyrus, but maybe this will be a wakeup call for her. Oh, and OUCH. ha.

nonmember avatar myopinion10

I too hope that it was a wakeup call for her. She looks hideous with her hair short and platinum and is trying way too hard to be edgy and attention seeking.

Darkk... DarkkStarr

Punishment fits the crime.....

LAHnT... LAHnTAH0812

rob did nothing. she's the one who acted like a whore

Jerry Danzig

I'm surprised Vogue considered Cyrus for their cover to begin with. That having been said, Wintour is a dreadful dinosaur who needs to be retired...

mommy... mommyinthe303

Good maybe more mags and people will start to show these tasteless celebs how NOT to act...

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

awww...the cranky sanctimommies are out...beware!!!

Rebecca Ann Lapine

I am for one glad miley is getting black balled she needs to stop acting childish and grow up. Her clothes are not in vogue ie.... going topless or seeing some ass like hers. I do agree she is or was pretty but look at her now she looks tasteless with her bad attitude and her outh what a shame. I do not pitty her at all.

nonmember avatar Um

Um Miley was never scheduled for the Vogue cover. It was a rumor. You can't get axed from a cover that was never planned. You should fact check.

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