Did Jenelle Evans Just Get a Marriage Proposal From Nathan Griffith on Twitter?

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jenelle evans, nathan griffith, teen mom"The course of true love never did run smooth." While she's more likely to attribute that quote to Ke$ha instead of Shakespeare, Jenelle Evans understands its meaning all too well. Her love life has been rocky. Though to describe any relationship history involving assault charges and Twitter feuds as "rocky" might be an understatement.

Her current boyfriend Nathan Griffith is one in a line of guys who seems happy to throw down over Jenelle's honor. When Jenelle's estranged husband Courtland Rogers decided that he was well overdue for some cyber-harassment of his ex, Nathan knew the time had come to defend his lady online and prove he was serious about their future. His quick retorts to Courtland had us doing a double-take. Did their fight just turn into a marriage proposal for Jenelle?

If it did, it was the least romantic proposal of all time. When Courtland told Nathan to butt out of a Twitter fight between the two exes, Nathan shot back saying that so long as the fight involved his "future wife," it was his business. How much did you want Courtland to tweet back and call Jenelle his "present wife"? Sadly, witty quips were not the order of the day.

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Between Nathan's word choice and Jenelle's pics of herself, Jace, and Nathan posing as a "happy family" on Instagram, it's obvious that marriage isn't far from her mind either. It begs the etiquette question, do you have to keep buying wedding gifts for your friend who keeps getting married? No formal announcement has been made about Jenelle and Nathan's future, but if the latest goings-on are any indication, my money's on a Twitter proposal.

Do you think Nathan and Jenelle are seriously headed for the altar?


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Laura Champlain

Can't believe all the men that fall for this mess of a person. Ick!!!

Heather Paholski

she has money from being in 16& pregnant so of course they want her doesnt mean they actually fell for her

Amy Adams

Nope he's her future fight on twitter like all her other ex boyfriends/husband.

Emily Renae Abraham

She doesn't have that much money... She only got $65,000 per season. and there were only four seasons and there was one season a year. Granted I wish I made $65,000/ year being a single mother and all, but I don't, but my point is y'all think these people have like millions of dollars when they don't. Hopefully he is not with her because she was on tv or because of some other shallow reason.

grous... grousseau

Do we really care about that kind of gossip? How about we talk about mommy issues.

zmont... zmontague

She needs to get her life back on track and custody of her son Jace before getting married again.

dorsey3 dorsey3

More staged dramma for a staged reality. 

Abby.... Abby.N.Amys.Mom

She needs to get divorced first.

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

Jenelle and all of her men are disgusting and they deserve each other. Any man that will have anything to do with this train wreck needs to stay clear of real women and stick to trash like her. There seems to be an unlimited amount of idiot "men" ready to lay down with her and they need to stay far away from real women and children who have good lives and futures going for them.

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