'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Makes Shocking Decision & Breaks Meri's Heart

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kody and meriYou know, guys, here's the thing: Every week I go into a new episode of Sister Wives determined to give Kody Brown a chance. He's not a bad guy, right? Sure, he's a bit egocentric and there's the whole issue of the hair and whatnot, but when push comes to shove, he does seem to be a good dad and loving (if distracted and overextended) husband. And sometimes, some isolated times, he does surprise me -- in a good way. Unfortunately, last night was not one of those times. Because you know how he's been pushing Meri to have another baby since the start of the show? And how last night Meri was supposed to announce her big decision regarding Robyn's offer of surrogacy?? Well, Meri and Kody went on a big hike to talk about the situation, and what happened next was something nobody saw coming -- certainly not me, and probably not you.

Um, cause what happened next was Kody basically told Meri fuggedabouditI'm sorry, whaaaaa?! Yup. See, even though Kody's been telling Meri all this time that it's her decision and blah, blah, blah, when Meri pressed Kody for his input, he came out with this big "nature is against us so let's just give up the idea" argument. And Meri, though she tried not to show her disappointment (until later, anyway, when she talked to Robyn about it), was pretty much heartbroken. 

I mean, think about it: Even though Meri was obviously hedging to begin with, she went through this prolonged inner conflict extravaganza at the behest of Kody, right? You can just imagine all the soul-searching and back-and-forth and emotional inner dialogue the poor woman has had to endure, all to be told ... never mind?! 

I can't help but feel really bad for Meri in this situation. Does she even want another baby? Who knows?! At this point, all we know for sure is that Meri is sad and confused, as usual, and that just doesn't seem fair.

Were you surprised by Kody's decision to not have another baby with Meri?


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bills... billsfan1104

I am with you, and I am trying to like him, but he is a putz.

adamat34 adamat34

This just further solidifies that this jackass is a controlling narcissist. He feeds these women what they want to hear then changes his views to prove he is an will always be in control. I dont watch but pieces of the show mainly because he turns my stomach. How dare he use God to justify his ego and self righteous need to control emotions. He talks her into a baby, possibly with a surrogate, makes her believe its for the good and grace of God, then says never mind. Can ypu imagine the dialogue in this womans head now? Can someone lynch this.asshole please? Makes me heart sick to watch this blatant emotional nd psychological abuse.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Ya, I just don't like how he says over and over again, "your the woman, it's your choice" and then he steamrolls it with a NO. Poor Meri. For anyone else in the world, husband and wife would enjoy the rest of their lives as empty nesters. Kody is not an empty nester, Meri is. I feel bad for her, it's almost like she is not of value to him anymore. Harsh reality of plural marriage right there, were probably gonna see something unfold over the next couple of years.

Alynn74 Alynn74

I feel bad for her too because after Kody drops the bombshell, she goes to Robyn for comfort. Those two are suppose to be soooo close according to the both of them and Robyn seemed bored with the whole conversation. As Meri is falling apart, Robyn is looking around and looking bored and when she finally does try to give Meri comfort-she scoots over maybe 2 inches closer to Meri and makes sure to bring the pillow that she's leaning against(needs to comfortable right even though her friend/sister wife is in pain as long as SHE'S comfortable) and gives an awkward pat on the arm. WTF?!  

If it had been me, I wouldn't have been able to sit there, while my friend was falling apart, and not just grab her in a big hug and hold her while she cried. I would never be able to look bored or inconvienced when my friend is in such obvious pain. That Robyn is just like Kody: narcisistic, insensitive, and all about the fame. I hope he find another wife and she's bumped to the backseat like he did to the other 3 when he met Robyn. 

Jai Hutto

She asked his opinion and he told her the truth. Now she's gonna be mad at him? She needs to make up her mind.

TheTr... TheTruthspeaker

I will never support a man who brainwashes women to be part of his Harem. All fucking losers.

Meliz... Melizzi1965

I, for one, WAS floored! Kody 'out-douche-bagged' himself last nite! I can't stand to watch Meri anymore, I literally fast forward thru most scenes with her in them this season ...but no woman deserves a mind-f**k like Kody served up!!! I was uber shocked at Meri tho...she was hurt, clearly(!) yet saved her melt down for the one-on-one w/Robyn.

Think about this too...remember Kody flat-out telling Meri "I'm gonna have more babies/kids...whether with you or another wife!" He DID ...he said that to her. So basically every reason/excuse/cop-out he gave her last nite is negated by the fact he WANTS & PLANS ON more children...just not with her...OUCH!!

godsb... godsbutterflys

I mean how in the World does this kind of Cr*p stay on the TV at all? Because people like to watch other people's Drama and Heartbreak. Personally I don't see what everyone finds so exciting about other people hurting another Human being. Is it really that much of a turn on to see people being treated like Slaves and dogs? All of these so called Reality show's is what is wrong with our Society, we need more and more dirt to excite us, and the networks know it. As long as we continue to watch this kind of stuff it will only get worse. Just wait and see what they plan on putting on for your kids this Fall.

nonmember avatar barb

In my opinion, Cody is a freeking asshole and those women are weak, and total losers.If you notice all of them are all overweight with NO self esteem. This is how asshole Cody rolls as he s ugly dope of a male who should NOT make a more kids. Shut that up loser..

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