Victoria Beckham Robbed In New York City & Tries to Hunt Down Thieves (PHOTOS)


victoria beckhamVictoria Beckham is a lot of things. Former popstar. Fashion icon. Mother of four. Wife of the hottest man on earth. But super sleuth? Well, that is what she turned into after her bike was recently stolen in New York City.

She had chained her ride to a bike rack only to find that thieves had taken off with everything but wheel. "So I won't be riding home tonight then! x vb," she tweeted, along with the photo of wheelBut she didn't just let the whole mess end there. Posh decided to go on the hunt for her property. "Searching for the missing bike! X vb," she wrote, including a photo of a city police car.

police car

You go Posh! It doesn't appear as though she actually found her precious wheels but we are  impressed that she actually bikes around town. We imagined door to door limo service for the star, especially during Fashion Week. I suppose with a hunky husband like David Beckham, looking great isn't just about being thin. It's about being fit too.

Are you surprised Victoria Beckham bikes around Manhattan?

Images via cw/Flickr and Twitter


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Not at all.You're allowed anonymity in N.Y.

nonmember avatar margaret wurst

awesome that victoria goes just glad SHE wasnt hurt w/all those jewels she wears!!

heydo... heydooney

I'm surprised she didn't know to chain her bike through the frame.

djb djb

Now she does!

2boys... 2boys9yrsapart

It's wrong that I found the pic of the wheel amusing, isn't it?

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I thought someone stole her lunch, which would explain why she is the size of a toothpick...or maybe her good looks, although I don't recall her ever being good looking. Makes me wonder how she ended up with that yummy man?? hmm...

badgi... badgirl44654

Mommytothreeboyz, it's clear that he stands her on her head when they're intimate, then he doesn't have to look at her face!

Christina Michelle Wolgamot

You never lock a bike up by the tire! My mom taught me when I was like 8 to slide the chain through the center frame of the bike. There is no way to steal it without getting noticed that way!

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

jealous chicks out today!

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