Beyonce Rocks Killer Monokini for 32nd Birthday

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beyonceIt's no suprise that Beyonce chose to celebrate her 32nd birthday in style. The singer, hubby Jay Z, adorable baby Blue Ivy, and some very lucky friends were on a yacht in Italy for the occasion. But more impressive than where she went is how beautiful Bey looked. She wasn't sporting some glamorous gown. No. She was showing off her still incredibly bootilicious bod in a slammin' monokini.

In an especially sweet moment, the swim-suit clad star and hubby Jay Z held hands before they jumped off a yacht in the waters of Strombli, Italy. After the sweet plunge, they came to the surface and embraced.

Not to be outdone, Blue Ivy sported an incredibly cute leopard print bathing suit. Everyone was clearly having a good time as the group mingled on the deck. At one point, however, Beyonce wanted some quiet time and was seen sunbathing solo. But it's not all R&R for the diva. She is still busy performing just about every night on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

What do you think of Beyonce's monokini? Would you ever wear one?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr



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ds79 ds79

Monokini? Looks like a one-piece to me!

Shannon Beranek

I thought the same thing.  The alleged "monokini" is actually in the linked article. And it is ugly.

ds79 ds79

Thanks Shannon:) I thought the photo the author included at the top of the article was the clothing in question. I clicked the link and saw the real monokini and yes it is ugly:)

nonmember avatar calarayne

Would I ever where a monokini? If I had to use such a stupid made up word I wouldn't. So if you mean bathing suit or even a one piece than of course... most people have. So current qualifications to be a writer - have hands, intelligence optional?

dizzl... dizzledaz

Monokini must be a word people use when trying to make themselves or others feel good for wearing a one piece bathing suit. That being said, I took a look at the so-called "killer" bathing suit. By killer, the writer must mean to the eyes. It's horribly ugly and does Beyonce no justice.

nonmember avatar nursekelly1980

I thought, " monokInI? isn't that a one piece?" lol but then I.clicked the link and I'm not a fan

grous... grousseau

I have seen some really cute monokinis, that is not one of them. Beyonce, what were you thinking?

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I like it personally...and the girl is HOTT!! She can pull off anything!

stara... starandseen

That is one unattractive swimsuit.

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