'Sister Wives' Preview: Meri Makes the Biggest Decision of Her Life! (VIDEO)

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sister wivesSo, about Sister Wives this season: If there's been any sort of elephant in the room (wait, do I mean gorilla? Is it an elephant or gorilla that's supposed to be in the room?), it's name would be "Is Meri gonna take Robyn up on her offer of surrogacy or what?!" I mean, as I'm sure you all remember, that was the big cliffhanger of last season -- Robyn had Samuel and then there was that big tearful (surprise!!) encounter when, just moments after having said Samuel, she offered to pop out Meri's potential baby next -- and then, this season, there's been nary a mention of the whole thing. What gives?! Did Robyn have second thoughts?

Well, apparently not, because a synopisis for tonight's episode -- "A Wife Decides" -- promises either an acceptance or denial of Robyn's offer from both Meri and Kody (which, shouldn't the title of the episode be "A Husband and Wife Decide"?).

Will the answer be "yes or "no"?! The way I see it, the future of the show pretty much depends on which way this one goes. Because, let's face it -- if Meri says yes, everybody's gonna tune in for another season. But if she says no? Short of the addition of another wife, I'm not sure there's much else the Browns can do to keep the series from veering off into Big Snore territory.

Check out this clip of the Brown kids talking up their 'rents and tell me:

Do you think Meri will accept Robyn's offer?


Image via TLC

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nonmember avatar karri

Kids name is Solomon, not Samuel.

Alexa... AlexaAdams

Solomon is the baby's name, not Samuel

Jamer... Jamers546

Robyn's child is named Solomon, not Samuel. Clearly you don't watch the show lol

adamat34 adamat34

Can we please stop acting like this creep is anything but that, a creep. This guy is disgustingly disturbed. Please cancel this show. Gods word doesnt condone this.....unbelievable.

abra819 abra819

I think they're hilarious! Not the lifestyle for me, but hey, at least they're not raising a bunch of government paid for mexican children.

nonmember avatar me

I think she should say no thanks. Her kids going to college, theres already tons of other kids going to college and many more coming up, they have big mortages etc, and theres already tons of other kids.. just stop. Enjoy your life now and be auntie or extra mom or whatever to the other kids. But yeah, its turning into a snooze fest, but you shouldnt have a kid just to keep ratings up

nonmember avatar Julie

This is a joke, the kid is called Solomon not Samuel.

nonmember avatar Rach

@abra- Seriously? At least they're not raising a bunch of racists.

Lynne Sharp Norris

Did everyone get that the kids name is Solomon?

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