Are Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried Playing Dodgeball to Avoid Really Getting Physical?

desiree hartsock and chris siegfried Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried make me feel like Fox Mulder from the X-Files. I read about their latest goings-on and quietly mutter, "I want to believe". That's right, I'm a Bachelorette conspiracy theorist. There is no detail so mundane that I won't examine it for proof as to whether or not Chris and Des are really in love.

First we had Des's heartbreaking goodbye with Brooks on the show. Then we had her and Chris magically realizing they were soulmates. Hm. Okay. Suspicious. Then it seemed like they really WERE an item. They enjoyed their long-weekend away together, and their book of poetry was released. Now there's news that's got me suspicious once more. 

Des posted video to Instagram of her and Chris playing dodgeball. I know, I know, what's so weird about dodgeball? Nothing at all if it were just dodgeball. But these two have been together for roughly eight seconds and already they are filling every waking hour with loads of physical activity. I could make a list: Dodgeball, volleyball, hiking, and adventures in the park.

You guys. You are a brand new couple. There is one serious 'physical activity' that I'm pretty sure you're avoiding altogether. Who is in the mood for love when they've got to work sand out of weird places and apply cream to sore muscles? No one, that's who. If their goal is to avoid physical contact with each other, I suggest they try tennis next, if only for the release of the overtly sexual groaning that comes along with the game. 


Do you think Chris and Des are avoiding getting physical? 

Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Gina

I think this article is stupid. They are both
very athletic & it is great they have friends
of a like mind...then they go home and have
the night/morning together until Chris goes
to work. It seems you expect them to stay in
bed from 6 at night until 6 in the morning.
Maybe you have never been in love & don't
realize that life goes on even for lovers.

Tammy Hanson

This article is hysterical and I totally agree!! Des has bags under her eyes and he looks really practically gaunt in his last photo. Fake it til you make it, I guess!!!! I bet they aren't together this time next year.

nonmember avatar Voice of Reason

This article is such a joke. I bet you they have a wonderful physical relationship, based on their sparks on the show. (Desiree couldn't keep her hands off Chris, if you rewatch). I bet you if they spent the whole day in bed making love, this writer would say they are avoiding the public because of relationship troubles.

nonmember avatar Lyn

Who Cares really......real love goes deeper than hanging out in the sack all the time...Its about doing things together and living life together. What they do in the sack is their business, not the media.

Dianne Daraitis Rothenbuehler

Yes they probably are.  It's good if you are trying to avoid the temptation of having pre-marital sex.  I think she is a Christian so I don't blame her.

nonmember avatar Hairstylist14

You need to leave them alone. You don't know what happens behind closed doors, nor is it any of your business. They're having a "relationship"; normal people do it.

Deanna Schwindenhammer

not everybody in this world is intimate in relationships. there are those of us who are waiting to give that special gift to the one we will marry. and though they may be committed to getting married, some like to wait for the wedding night. i know that may seem terribly outdated and unrealistic in today's time, but some of us have morals and are committed to striving to be pure. What is wrong with the world when people shack up on first or second dates. i'm sure sex is pleasurable, but i'd like to save it for its intended purpose by God, for marriage.

nonmember avatar meg

DUMBEST. ARTICLE. EVER. Wow. That has nothing to do with how they choose to spend their time and playing sports.

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