Gia Allemand's Mom to Open Up About Daughter's Suicide … Along With Another 'Bachelor' Star???

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Gia AllemandBachelor fans continue to be shocked and saddened by Gia Allemand's tragic suicide, and everyone is wondering how something like this could happen to such a vibrant, sweet, and wonderful woman.

We've been keeping her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers, and now it looks as though her mother may finally be ready to talk to the media about what happened.

According to Reality Steve, Gia's mom will appear on Dr. Phil on September 10th to discuss her daughter's death -- along with another guest who just seems, well -- a bit out of place.

Supposedly the episode has already been filmed, and none other than former Bachelor Jake Pavelka will be appearing alongside Gia's mom.


I know they remained friends even after Gia came in third on his season of The Bachelor -- but what the heck is Jake Pavelka doing going on national television to talk about her death -- with her mom? Jake's season aired back in 2010, so their romance has been long over for quite some time.

Shouldn't Gia's boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, be the one speaking about her on the show instead of Jake? It could be that Ryan isn't ready to talk about Gia -- or that he's simply not comfortable discussing her death on TV.

But Jake?

I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way -- and it just seems so strange for him to sit there next to Gia's mother in the role of the grieving ex-boyfriend -- when he's been out of the picture for years. I hate to say it, but it almost appears as though he's taking this opportunity to get back into the spotlight (as shady as that sounds.)

It will be interesting to hear exactly what Jake has to say, and if nothing else, maybe he'll serve as a source of support for her poor mother during the interview? At this point, I think that's probably all we can hope for.

Are you planning on watching this episode of Dr. Phil?


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Joyce Nesselhauf

It is very possible that Ryan doesn't want to talk about it since it seems that Gia taking her own life was partially due to the state of their relationship and things he said to her. Maybe Gia's mom ASKED Jake to appear with her as moral support. He and Gia had kept in touch. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't know the circumstances.

nonmember avatar Guest

The reason Jake is going on Dr. Phil is because he has always been a fame whore. This is not about Gia, it's about him. He was the worst Bachelor because he was so fake. Fake Jake!

Heidi Adele Macfarlan Johnson

Yes, I will watch.  I was terribly saddened about Gia's choice to commit suicide.  I have struggled with depression for much of my life so I was very understanding of someone who seems to have everything going for them on the outside but struggles with deep, inner pain.  I'm curious to see how Dr. Phil deals with it.  I hope he keeps his ego in check and is sensitive.

Elaine Cox

people using a young ladys suicide for pub....sick and twisted

Nancy Mylene Collins

I never watched Jake's season, I only saw Gia on The Bachelor pad. I know that she loved Jake very much then. I am so sorry that she decided that she couldn't deal with what was happening in her life. I myself have struggled with depression, and I can understand to a point where she is coming from. With that being said, there are other alternatives than suicide.

Maryanne Daly

 Jake and Gia remained close friends that is why he is on with the mom


Suzanne Sams Nerkins

jake has no businesss being on the show why jake? craig robinson was just as close to her. if anyone should be with her mom should be ryan anderson and she should step up to plate and talk with her mother

Denise Lee Armstrong

I will so be watching. Jake just seemed to arrogant to me. Just sayin


nonmember avatar CF

They were really, really good friends. Do your homework if you're going to try and be a writer.

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