What DOES the Fox Say?: Crazy Music Video Will Keep You Laughing for Hours

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the fox ylvisStop what you are doing right now and ask yourself this important question: What does the fox say? You have to see this music video, "The Fox," by Norwegian group Ylvis. It was made to promote a new talk show... I guess? But that still doesn't come close to explaining why it's so deliciously bizarre. So bizarre, in fact, the first time I watched it I spent close to five minutes at my desk with tears streaming down my face, wondering what just happened?!?

It's the last gasp of summer. It's the chaotic culmination of hikes through the woods, too much time in the sun, lost flip flops, mosquito bites, frozen watermelon margaritas, sticky melting popsicles, long road trips, family reunions, staying up too late, backyard parties where you lose your children, and way too many rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus." Or not. I'm just guessing that's what this song is about, but I'm probably wrong.

Maybe it's about how even intelligent adults are haunted by certain questions like, what does the fox say, really? Probably not WA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-POW! (What does the bunny say? That's what I've always wondered.) Anyway. Just... just watch. 

I have just changed your world, right? You've seen "What Does the Fox Say" and you'll never see the world the same way again. You're welcome. Enjoy the weekend.

What do you think the fox says?


Image via tnorge/YouTube

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Cindy Geras

I guess I have no sense of humor since I didn't find this funny at all.  Nor was it entertaining or intresting, just didn't see the appeal.

doubl... doublesweetness

I'm IN LOVE with the ridiculosity of this video! LOL. Thank you!

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Great beat even though it was a bit silly but enjoyed it, The Fox say Chirttle at least that what it sounds like when it growls with a short pitchy bark.

Pamela Jo Gara

i have no flippin idea...

nonmember avatar Annie

Did the other commenters miss the joke? This was hysterically funny.

nonmember avatar jenna

I was (not kidding)ROTFLOL and out of breath for like,5 minutes!

nonmember avatar Ashley

My kids (14, 9 & 4) & I all find this hilarious. The guys were on Ellen the other day, they wanted to make this the worst video ever, but it backfired. I love it, they actually have good voices.

nonmember avatar Patricia Binfet

perfect timing at my husbands work place there have been alot of fox getting close and everyone at work loves this song my two teenage daughters love it and were considering singing it with their choir and my youngest thats four loves it and found my husband a small stuffed fox ornament plus our state football team the band playwd the song all I can say is wow

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