Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Aren't Engaged Thanks to Demi Moore

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mila kunisEver since Mila Kunis was spied walking around wearing a plain gold band on her ring finger, the gossip mill has been buzzing that it could mean she's FINALLY engaged to Ashton Kutcher and all of our Jackie and Kelso dreams are going to come true. Now, why they would think she'd be sporting a plain band and not a serious rock, I'm not sure, but whatevs ... No matter. Either way, sources tell People it's NOT what it appears.

"They are not engaged," the source insists. But the exciting news may not be far off ...

One source, who is supposedly in Ashton's "inner circle," explains that the actor had talked about popping the question to Mila around her 30th birthday on August 14. "He knows what they have is amazing and special. He's been thinking about proposing for a long time." The hold-up? The fact that he's, uh, STILL MARRIED! Yup, the divorce from Demi Moore is still not finalized.

An entertainment source close to Ashton says that it's no biggie to the couple, because they're really so in love, and "in some ways, it's like they're married already." I can definitely understand that. Though, I'm sure Mila ultimately does want a ring on it.

But Ashton's likely just waiting until the divorce is in stone before he pops the question. Who could blame 'im? To get engaged before that wouldn't feel right. Once he's a divorcee, and the Demi drama is solidly in his past, I have a feeling they'll be quick to move forward ... and make it down the aisle.

Do you hope to see these two get engaged sooner rather than later?


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Ally Swarrow

Mila could do loads better than Ashton.

nonmember avatar t

I am not on either parties side with the divorce business but why is everyone rooting for mila when she is just as bad ........ she is dating a married man AND telling him to divorce his wife!! What a joke! Ashton and mila will not last.

nonmember avatar Layla

Ashton is stringing her along he won't settle with Mila

nonmember avatar betty peagler

who cares but the press

nonmember avatar Daniela

To "t", Ashton and Demi have been separated for at least 2 years, divorce is going to happen and Mila had nothing to do with that decision.

Sarah Keenan

I think that demi is dragging out the divorce.

Donna DeMartino

Ha ~ IF I were Demi I would drag out the divorce as long as I could . . CHEAT on ME will ya!?!  

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