Dina Manzo Accidentally Reveals Why She Picked Teresa Giudice Over Her Sister Caroline

dina manzoThere's always been a cloud of mystery shrouding Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice's friendship. Dina abruptly up and quit Real Housewives of New Jersey, never giving fans a clear cut answer as to why exactly. She claims the show got "too dark" for her, but come on, yo. There's no way there isn't more to the story. She and her sister Caroline no longer speak to one another, yet she's still chummy with the most controversial castmember on the show, Teresa. Why?

After a recent interview Dina gave with the OWN show, Oprah: Where Are They Now?, we now have an answer.

And it all makes such sense!

When asked about the legal charges Teresa and her husband Joe are currently facing, Dina said: "Teresa and I don't have that kind of relationship that we talk about our problems. The Teresa that I know is just fun-loving and no matter what's going on in her life, she still maintains an upbeat attitude. She could be in the deepest hole and she's still like, 'Oh my God, those shoes are great!' And that's what I love about her."

So, you get it, guys? Their relationship is completely on the surface. They don't get deep. They don't really get ... real, it sounds like. They're just, like, good-time buddies. And I can totally see how their friendship would be able to stick it out through thick and thin through these circumstances. I mean, if I just saw Teresa here and there randomly, and we talked about shoes and the latest developments in self-tanners, I'd like her, too. There's no back-stabbing that way. No shit talking. It's like they're just acquaintances. I mean, real friends talk about their problems, right?

Here's the thing, though. Was this good-time, light-hearted friendship really worth Dina's relationship with her sister? Again, Dina hasn't given a clear cut answer as to why she and Caroline don't talk, but we all know it has something to do with Teresa. I'm sure her relationship with Teresa is much easier, because there's no real work that goes into it, but at the end of the day, I can't see how she'd choose something like this over a real relationship, warts and all, with her sibling.

Then again, maybe we're not getting the whole story. Again.

What do you think of Teresa and Dina's friendship?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Still waiting for the answer to your headline...

cleig... cleigh717

Dont u hate when they do that? Very misleading headlines.

nonmember avatar Beth

What the H? How can you possibly infer that Teresa's easy-breezy attitude (which is a complete crock) had anything to do with Caroline and Dina no longer speaking?

nonmember avatar christine

No seriously. This has to be the most poorly written article in the history of EVER. Horrible title and then to boot the writer rambles on for more words... ick.

Ryan Hadrick


Norma Starnes Sawyer


Theresa Lucke

The answer is her friendship with Teresa is a good time friend meaning not real friends ..she doesn't care about Teresa life & Teresa doesn't care about hers 

Irene Teresa Figueroa Batista

STUPID article say nothing about nothing!!,,, waste of frecking time!!.. I will never read another stir again!.. 

Kacie Schleis

I feel like you haven't done your research. Dina has said, time and time again, that Teresa has NOTHING to do with the feud between Caroline and Dina... it had something to do with their gay brother's wedding. Do your research before you write an article... also, maybe if you're going to write these blogs for "The Stir", learn to actually write. 

Kerri Powers

Dina and Teresa have said it too many times that it has nothing to do with Teresa why Dina and Carolyn don't talk. People just look for an excuse for things.

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