Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards Hooking Up? 5 Reasons This Better Not EVEN Be True!

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maci bookout, ryan edwards, teen mom Breakups are tough. When they involve a child, they are even tougher. When they are played out on reality TV, they are the toughest. This is something Teen Mom's Maci Bookout knows all too well. Over the course of her time on the show, we've watched her start and end a few different romantic relationships. 

One of them was with Ryan Edwards, the father of her son, Bentley Edwards. It can be difficult to break away from someone even if it's the right thing to do. That's why we all rooted for Maci when she and Ryan finally ended things in spite of their bananas chemistry. But now, according to Ryan's ex, Dalis Connell, things between Maci and Ryan have changed again. 

Dalis claims that Maci and Ryan have been hooking up! She says that the former couple began having sex when Dalis and Ryan were on the rocks. Dalis isn't acting bothered. In fact, she is actually rooting for them:

After all this time, I think they should just go for it. If I would want to see Ryan with anyone, it would be Maci. She has a good head on her shoulders. If Ryan and Maci got back together, I think it would work out.

Uh, okay Dalis. Cool that you're cool. I think it's easy for her to talk about her ex and Maci getting back together because she knows it's a terrible idea. Don't believe me? Here are 5 reasons why Ryan and Maci shouldn't get back together.

1. He Cheated on Dalis

Once a cheater always a cheater. If a guy is leaving someone to be with you, how can you ever trust him?

2. They Drive Each Other Nuts

Driving each other nuts might make for crazy times in the sack, but it also makes for crazy times in your daily life. That second one? Not so fun. 

3. Ryan Holds Maci Back

Maci's worked so hard to get her autonomy. She's moved away from her parents, she's started school - and she's had to fight Ryan every step of the way. 

4. First Love Is Confusing 

It's so easy to confuse first love with true love, because there's nothing like either one. By sticking with each other, they are missing out on a chance to make something work with other partners. 

5. Bentley

Their son is growing up. They owe it to him -- and each other -- to have a healthy relationship. That's not going to happen with this on-again-off-again nonsense. 

Do you think Ryan and Maci should get back together?


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LoveSky Heaven

that would be another chance they need to go counseling to work things out a healthy relationship for the sake of Bentley

nonmember avatar autumn

no they shouldnt have u seen how they act but yes they should have a friend like relationship for the sake of Bentley

nonmember avatar Jojo

Who cares? Their obviously going to do what they want and honestly, it is nobody's business but theirs. A relationship is between two people, not the whole world.

Birdie Capers

I think they should try to work thing out for Bentley and Maci is a amazing mom and love Bentley to death I say go for it Maci and Ryan

Judy Best

i think that they should


Melinda Sue Martell

i think dalis is making it up. what person would be happy there bf is cheating on them? come on now!! and maci has stated time n time again she wants nothing like that with ryan. if they do thats great happy for them both. but i personally think dalis is a attention hog and wants the media and is lying!!

nonmember avatar SwtSin

@Jojo thank u! this article is stupid! who r they to talk about choices for another couple that hasnt even spoke on the matter themselves. No mattrr wut they decide thts their choice. Its not like they r going to be in a relationship tht consist of maci, ryan, and the world.

brivas brivas

I think they should give it a try, and if it's meant to be it's meant to be.....Hey it doesn't hurt to give a shot....

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