Scruffy Hollywood Hottie Shaves His Beard Off & Ruins All Our Fantasies About Him (PHOTOS)

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joe manganielloSo, here's the thing about Joe Manganiello: He apparently needs to be hairy. Now, we always kind of knew this without knowing it -- I mean, obviously his role on True Blood pretty much requires him to be scruffy for several reasons, including: 1. He's a werewolf. 2. All of the other dudes on the show are clean-shaven, so he has to do something to stand out. These are indisputable facts. Still, I never thought that if he DID shave, he'd be, like, a completely different guy. 

And yet. Seriously? Look. At. These. Pictures. 

Completely different guy!!!

36-year-old Manganiello showed up all naked-faced at the 2013 Style Awards in New York City to present John Varvatos with the Menswear Designer of the Year Award. And everybody cried. No, not really, but what possessed Alcide to DO such a thing?? Was it for a role? Did he lose a bet? And, most important of all, how fast does his hair grow? Cause he needs it back, asap!

Seeeeeeeeeeeriously. Try to have a hot fantasy about JMang (whaddya think? He needs a nickname, right?) without his beard. Just try! I'll wait. Still waiting ... how's that going? CRAPPY, right? All I can come up with is a completely unsexy daydream about getting my teeth cleaned. Totally looks like a dental hygienist! 

How do you think Joe Manganiello looks without his beard?


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nonmember avatar Mrs. B

I've said it a million times... I prefer the fur! I love a man with facial hair. And Joe was HOT HOT HOT with it. Without... meh.

nonmember avatar singer825

I'm guessing the author never saw Joe on How I Met Your Mother. This is not a new look for him, just one he doesn't do super often. I do like the bearded look better. But come on, who wouldn't take him either way?

adamat34 adamat34

He looks great, just a little younger....although hes only 35-36.

ann20... ann202124

nonmember avatar eightrack

I would still take him home

Stacy Montamble Lott

He is such a different guy...too clean looking, not as sexy at all!

nonmember avatar liz

what are ranting about he's freakishly hot look's fantastic no matter what he does when your as gorgeous as he is you can never go wrong .

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