Tamra Barney's Quick Forgiveness of Gretchen Rossi Makes Us Wonder What She’s Up To

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tamra barney, tamra's oc wedding, eddie judge, gretchen rossi Once a frenemy always a frenemy? In the case of Real Housewives Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi, maybe not. Their relationship has never been made of sunbeams and light. Sure, they tried for a fresh start (friendships bracelets, anyone?) but Gretchen very quickly returned to her old antics. She stretched the truth time and time again. Additionally, she made Tamra feel like she had to be friends with Gretchen, and no one else. We can't blame Tamra for deciding enough was enough. 

Still, when major events happen in our lives, the first person we expect to put the pettiness aside is our best friend. With Tamra's recent wedding, Gretchen had a chance to put things right and be there for her friend, the bride. Now we're learning that Gretchen not only fell short in this respect, she might have missed the mark on even the most basic etiquette.

Tamra took to Twitter to vent her latest frustrations with Gretchen. Forget buying a gift, Gretchen didn't even send a card to congratulate Tamra on her wedding to Eddie Judge. Totally rude? Yes. But unexpected? No, not really. As she continues to prove, Gretchen is only interested in Gretchen. This is a classic example of just that.

tamra barney, tamra's oc wedding, eddie judge

Or is it? Tamra quickly followed up her tweet with claims that her words had been "exaggerated". Does this mean she and Gretchen are working on their friendship? That's one possibility. The other is that with the premiere of Tamra's new show, Tamra's OC Wedding, she's pulling a Bethenny Frankel and distancing herself from the Real Housewives-drama in order to start a career as a solo-player.

Do you think Gretchen and Tamra are really working on their friendship? 

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youth... youthfulsoul

Haven't there been multiple stories about this very thing. Wedding guests who don't bring a gift? While I agree it's in bad taste, no one is obligated to give you anything.

Mercedes Villanueva

Tamara is also fake, Gretchen spent a lot of money on her in Mexico so what is she crying about.Gretchen sided with her when she had beef with vicki and Alexis. Gretchen stop lying and vicki you to your the worst. Tamara get over yourself you and Gretchen messed well, you can have more then one friend also tell vicki that if you can. By the way I don't like any of the housewife's like I use to.

Norma Starnes Sawyer

who cares!  Tamra is a 2 faced lying biatch


nonmember avatar Sm

Once again you've got your head so far up Tamra's ass, you can't see her disgusting behavior. have you seen hiw she treats her "friends" season after season? and you call Gretchen a liar? I believe it was your Queen Tamra herself that actually confessed to being a liar on this year's reunion. why don't you rename your website "Tamra's page"? Every article is dripping with tamra Hero worship. Why bother pretending anymore?

Rebeka Mata Arnold

Tamra has been a cr@ ppy " friend" to G this season, not only is she lucky G didn't get her a gift-- she's lucky it wasn't a steaming turd to match Tamra's treatment of her! And pp is right about your hero worship & bias! I feel sorry for G who feels betrayed & lost what she thought was a real friend! Tamra was & still is a pig. She & Vicki deserve each other!

Janet Kirkpatrick

i feel its a shame Tamra and Gretchin fell out , Vickie is so condesending to Gretchin and Lydia with her sickly sweet voice and then turning like most of them , i thought last season was good ,this season just horrible , Vickie with her holy than thou attitude everyone waiting for a juicy bit of gossip ,real friends don t act like this but hey money, money , money speaks volumes !!!!!

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