Navy Sailor Takes Twerking Trend to a Whole Other Level (VIDEOS)

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Navy TwerkEver since Miley Cyrus said the word "twerk" for the first time, people everywhere have been gettin' down with their romp-shakin' selves. From pregnant women twerking to Harry Styles gettin' down, twerking doesn't discriminate. As much as I despise this whole fad (I swear people have been doing this booty shakin' thing for YEARS), I think it's safe to say I've found my favorite twerking video yet. The subject? One sexy stud from the U.S. Navy.

In not only one but TWO videos, this Navy sailor gets down with his bad self. I highly doubt you've ever seen a pair of Navy NWUs look this good. Oh and I've decided: this guy's got more moves than Miley herself. 

Check out this sexy Navy sailor twerking like you've never seen before, here:

Can this guy shake it or WHAT?!


Image via plyxndr5/ YouTube



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Coles... Coles_mom


I guess I'm just over the whole twerkin', shakin' your butt dance.  I have been around that since the late 80's - early 90's--especially when 2 Live Crew hit the scene...for me, it's nothing new.  But, it's cute--i guess. I kind of wished he wasn't in his seems, ummm, disrespectful.  Oh well, I may just be a little too military-minded.  I hope his superiors don't mind that not only was he shakin' in his uniform for the world to see--but, was that a ship or submarine in the background?

jessi... jessicasmom1

bahhahaha twerking getting out of hand

nonmember avatar Sarah

WOW, what did the writer think of Miley's Mess ----- double standard? I totally agree with SNAPA and the others that find this disrespectful. I love that our service members (my son included, AF) can find some release with fun parodys --- but this is just not what Honor, Dignity and Respect stand for. I suspect, unfortunately, that there may be a reprimand in the near future. Poor judgement, and it probably should not be circulated further (hint, hint).

nonmember avatar meg

My husband is military and as far as I'm concerned If they want to shake their asses for a laugh why the hell not they deserve it. You saw the title of the video if you dont want a laugh yourself don't watch it.

Crystal Bazzell

Everything that these men and women do for us keep us safe .. and free .. and people wanna B*tch about them shakin their booty's in uniform!!!!!!! For REAL ... how is this disrespectful! Its not like he is tippin a drink back or smokin in uniform! I am an Army wife of 10 years! Let them shake it! Did you not hear the laughter! Bring it on ... Laughter is key in these times of trial!!! Keeps moral HIGH!

katie... katiesmom09876

Anyone know how I can get the past twenty seconds of my life back?

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

He moved his body in a hilarious way. He didn't do anything really provocative he did it because when a guy does it, it shows how ridiculous it looks and is funny. Geesh some ladies need to lighten up. He puts his life on the line and still has a better sense of humor than some of you. Let him be happy and silly without the snarky remarks. Who exactly is he disrespecting by being silly in his downtime?

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