Are Brooks Forester's Cryptic Tweets Proof He Misses Desiree Hartsock?

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desiree hartsock, chris siegfriedBachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have been every bit the lovey-dovey couple these days. Between photos of their Labor Day funfest and the recent release of their book of poetry (I know, I know), it seems like they are the real deal.

At least they are for right now. Though Brooks Forester broke Desiree's heart when he walked away, it looks like these days he might be regretting that decision. The latest from Brooks hints that he might not be over the woman he scorned.

Brooks can't stay silent on Twitter. As early as August 10, he signed on to mock Chris and Desiree's love of poetry. Those are hardly the actions of a guy who is resolute in his decision to call things off. His actions are closer to those of someone whose heart has been broken.

And now, right on the heels of Chris and Des's book release, Brooks is on Twitter again. This time, however, his tone is altogether different. Brooks spoke in vague and cryptic terms about how your actions impact your destiny:

brooks forester, twitter

Is it a coincidence that Brooks posted this tweet during the same period that Des and Chris were sharing photos of their romantic long weekend? Maybe. Still, with everything going so well for the cute twosome, it's only natural that Brooks would start to feel some regret over his missed opportunity for love with Desiree.

Do you think Brooks is having second thoughts?


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nonmember avatar sam

Seriously, that's all you got and you made THAT into a story. I was rooting for Chris and even I think this is silly.

Paula Mitchell

I think he had second thoughts from the get go .... "Worst day of my life!" Jus sayin ...

nonmember avatar Nancy

You are reaching.

Judy Ann Ellison

well if he is its a litle to late now

bjp459 bjp459

He might be having some thoughts, but I still think that he would have never been right for her and would have ended up hurting her in the end.  

nonmember avatar karen was all fake anyway for ratings...

Puri Shea

GET OVER IT BROOKS!  Shame on you continually blab about Des and Chris,,, you have the nerve to say anything negative, while YOU cannot face the reality later on when Des would find out YOU cheated on your girlfriend to an old woman half of your age.  Climb up!

nonmember avatar teresa

YES.DES and BROOKS are much from HEAVEN.

Mary M. Smith

What a beautiful picture of Des and Chris.

Carolyn Carpenter

Maybe/maybe not....He missed it and I thought at first he'd come back for her--but no, he's got a cold heart let's face it!

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