'Breaking Bad' Sneak Peek: Walt's Epic Showdown Looms Ahead (VIDEO)

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The title of this Sunday's Breaking Bad episode is "To'hajiilee." Wikipedia says To'hajiilee is the name of a Navajo reservation (formerly known as the Canoncito Indian Reservation) west of Albuquerque. According to the Breaking Bad wiki, To'hajiilee was the site of Walt and Jesse's first cooking session in the pilot episode … as well as the current burial place of Walt's money.

That's interesting, isn't it? Let's see if we can suss out any juicy details about the upcoming episode based on the official show synopsis. AMC describes it like this: "Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.”

Right. Well, never mind the synopsis (*shakes fist at AMC headquarters*), let's take a look at the To'hajiilee promo video and make some wild, probably-wrong guesses about what's going to go down tonight.

(Stop reading now if you're not caught up with the latest Breaking Bad!)

Last week's episode was something of a slow burn compared to the fast-paced episodes they've been dishing out in this final half of the season, but it left us with some pretty big questions. What did Jesse Pinkman mean when he told Hank he had a "better way" of getting Walt? What did he mean when he told Walt that he was going to get him "where you really live"? What was Walt plotting when he called Todd in the final scene and said, “I think I might have another job for your uncle"? (Jesse's murder?)

Take a look at this week's episode name -- not only does it seem to refer back to some critical moments in the show to date, but here's the translation of the word:

The name To' Hajiilee is interpreted as "Bringing Up Water From a Natural Well."

Vulture points out that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, back in his X-Files days, created a few pivotal X-Files episodes that included Navajo characters and referenced Navajo traditions and phrases of the Navajo language. So I'm thinking the To'hajiilee episode will have layers of meanings -- maybe the story will focus on the To'hajiilee location, but also reference something bigger. The well is there, you don't have to dig it -- you just need a bucket.

Maybe to catch Walt, you just have to turn him into Heisenberg? Maybe "where he really lives" is his meth empire?

Here's the To'hajiilee promo video:

Unlike other promos, this one only includes Walt's voice. "I have a bad feeling about this." "I don't know where he is." "Time is of the essence." These lines make me think he's talking about Jesse, and that he understands that Jesse is working with Hank. That last line, though:

Remember … no fear.

Damn, who's he talking to? Todd, maybe? Himself? We've only got four episodes left, so we're getting awfully close to the point teased last season and the flash-forward a few episodes ago, where Walt has the machine gun and the ricin. Whatever happens next, it sounds like we're in for a crazy ride.

What are your best guesses about what's going to happen in tonight's Breaking Bad?

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Kim Aaron Fanning

I...don't know what I'm going to do when these four episodes are done. I guess I'll have to start exercising again or something stupid like that. 

nonmember avatar Alec

I belive in the concept that, Walt will have Tods Uncle fake the deaths of him , Skyler and the kids, and get new identitys from Sauls guy.At this point Tods Uncle will kidnap Jesse, and kill Hank, so Jesse can cook for them as a hoatage, since Walt wount be around to protect Jesse. Flash forward to Walt's B-day breakfeast, with ricen-cigarette, and machine gun.Walt's cancer has spread to a point that he only has day's or weeks to liv, an.Knowing that Jesse would of never turned on him if not for the poisoning of the child, Walt go's to free Jesse.

Jalen Carroll-Woolery

Just a note: Im pretty sure the "no fear" line sounded like uncle jack.

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