Tyler Baltierra Reveals Childhood Trauma That Will Wreck You

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tyler baltierra, teen mom Here come the waterworks. Fans of Teen Mom already know that Tyler Baltierra is an exceptionally decent guy. Watching Tyler (and fiancee Catelynn Lowell) struggle to overcome the rocky terrain of their early home lives has been the most compelling part of the show. 

This week, Tyler let us all in a little bit more. Unprompted, he wrote a thoughtful and exceptionally private note to all of his followers on social media. What he admitted was equal parts tragic and shocking.

Tyler confessed that he was molested as a child. He does not go into specifics, but his reveal of the massive secret alone was gut-wrenching to read. In addition to making this disclosure, Tyler also talked about his struggles growing up. Getting kicked out of school and picking up drugs and alcohol early on were all parts of his past kept secret until now.

tyler baltierra, teen mom

Tyler shared these details to remind people not to make snap judgments. He points out that on TV we don't get a complete picture of who anyone -- even he -- is really. He decided to share his story with the support of those he loves, like Catelynn.

His responsible and bold use of his celebrity is just one more reason to marvel at the intelligent, thoughtful adult Tyler is becoming. Given the traumas of his past, it would be easy for Tyler to take the route of someone like his father, Butch Baltierra. But Tyler and Catelynn both chose a different, better path. It's telling, in a way, that the couple on the show most capable of raising a child was the only one who decided (for that child's benefit) to give her up for adoption.

Do you believe Tyler's tough upbringing gave him strength to be a better person?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

Sadly it didnt shock me, you could tell there was a lot more going on with him than what was shown in TV. It explains a lot and I think he's grown up a lot and sounds like he's turned his life around.

nonmember avatar Ty

what do you mean he didn't follow Butch's path? He did just that! Both he and the girl were arrested for controlled substance. So "marvel" at that.

Clarissa Hinshaw

this is so sad! NO ONE deserves this!! :(

Desir... DesireExtraE

Ty - you missed the whole point.  If he was going down the same path as Butch, he would not only be in prison right now but would still be on drugs.  As humans, we make mistakes and Tyler is human after all.  So yes, he made a mistake at a young age probably immulating his father, but after seeking professional help and seeing the unstability of his father's life, he decided to change and THAT'S commendable. 

nonmember avatar Candice

I always figured more was going on then what was being revealed. Unfortunately none of this comes as a shock it happens far to often and that's what heart wrenching and sad. Tyler is in my thoughts and prayers.

nonmember avatar tracey

this is truly sad but it seems this is another cry for attention because they do not have the attention on them anymore. I mean really what have they done to improve their life since the show ended.

Mel Hurst

No one knows the pain as someone who has been through it.

Chrissy Holt Marino

Wow! To the people with the negative comments-it must be nice to perfect....Have a heart. I think he has a strong, great Mother & thank God for her. I can only imagine what it's like to have a father like that. He has come out a strong, nice & respectable guy. I agree that's that that"s commendable...And what has he done to improve his life??! He's what 19 or 20 years old?? Be realistic... Seriously.


Toris... Torismom328

What have they done to improve their life?  Seriously?   They both graduated, and I believe attended college.  They own their own home.  Haven't rushed into marriage or having more babies.  Caitlynn does public speaking events and works with adoption agencies and Tyler is working on acting and I believe writing a book.  It's not like they just sat around and tried to get attention anywhere they could.  Their 15 minutes may have ended but they are still trying to grow up and do good things.  

Some people are just too darn negative around here!

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