5 Personal Norman Reedus Photos That Make Us Swoon Bigtime

Norman ReedusDo you follow Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) on Instagram? I feel a tiny bit silly admitting that I do, but I'm going to go ahead and jettison the slight discomfort triggered by that confession in favor of the full-scale humiliation of putting together an entire article devoting to fawning over some of his photos.

*clears throat awkwardly* *hides driver's license which clearly states I'm damn near 40 years old and should probably stop behaving like a shrieking fangirl*

Anyway! If you haven't been poring over every single image he shares via social media, please enjoy 5 recent photographs that have made their way to Norman Reedus's Instagram account. Fair warning: there are both tiny kittens and smoking-hot biceps brachii ahead.

Do you like celebrity Instragram accounts? Which ones do you follow?

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Jennifer Thurston

Yeah...Would Love to Die & come back as Norman's Kitty! Thank Jesus for our Man Reedus! He is SO Snuggle Worthy!

Chandra Jordan

Picture #5 wasn't taken on the TWD set, it was a brief thing he did right after San Diego Comicon

dirty... dirtyhippiemama

Those arms, I just want to squeeze them.

nonmember avatar DebsG86

The pink robe. The pink robe the pink robe the pink robe. Omg he is just so hot.

nonmember avatar Anna Dodson

The CafeMom interviews with the beautiful Mr. Reedus are the best!! Thanks!

nonmember avatar KimH

In the Norman Reedus fandom we also refer to those biceps as ARM PORN and no one does it like Mr. Reedus!

nonmember avatar Isabel

I just turned 50 and swoon over him too! Should know better by now lol! I follow on instagram, twitter and facebook, not a "shrieking fangirl" I just sit back quietly and admire :)

Isabel Straus Topps

I just turned 50 and still swooning too. Should know better lol! I follow on twitter, instagram and facebook. I'm not a "shrieking fangirl", I just sit back quietly and admire him.

nonmember avatar Kelsey

He is my hero!<3 Sexy as hell! I wish i could meet him, but money is tight! :/ I follow him on everything!(: total stalker girl. Haha.

nonmember avatar gothbutterfly69

This man...he's sweet to animals, kids, people with disabilities (there is a pic of him talking to a woman in a wheelchair at a Con and he is holding her hand, focusing on her like she's the only one in the room), he's a great single dad, gives profits from sales of his own things to charity, is SO down-to-earth, AND is one of the hottest men alive. Can we clone him? I'm approaching 40 myself, and all I can say is he's ruined me for any other man! Great personality, great taste in music, great looks, great morality. What more could you ask for in a man?! (Oh, and I have many comments about the tongue pic, but as this is a public forum, I will keep them to myself. Tho I'm sure others are thinking the same thing!!)

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