New Dakota Johnson Set Pics Prove She Makes the Perfect Anastasia Steele (PHOTOS)

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So, okay, people we get it. Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson weren't exactly anyone's first choice for that S&M luvin' duo, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Yeah, we know. Fans want Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel. Never mind that those two probably didn't want the roles to begin with. Never mind that it sounds suspiciously like neither was ever even in the running. Never mind, never mind. The point is this. Charlie and Dakota WILL be Christian and Anastasia. You know why? Because in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you just might get what you need. And you just might need Charlie and Dakota. These new pics of Dakota in her skivvies will show you why. You know we're bound to see Dakota in her underwear in the Fifty Shades flick. So here's a tantalizing preview:

Dakota was caught by photogs filming her new movie Cymbeline, in Brooklyn. The mussed-up bedhead hair, the tight pink underwear, and the loose T-shirt all proclaim one thing:

Dakota Johnson

This chick is Ana!

No, seriously. She's pretty but not overpoweringly so. She looks innocent. She looks kind of gawky and awkward. Yeah, just like a girl with such low self-esteem that she's signed some sort of bondage contract with some angry dude. You can buy it.

Could you buy Alexis Bledel as an awkward virgin? How about Emilia Clarke as insecure about her looks? Lucy Hale as book smart? Eh?!

Dakota has ALL of those qualities! Or, at least, she looks like she does. (And, if you ask me, Dakota is the spittin' image of her dad, Miami Vice star Don Johnson.)

Yeah, you can really buy this. And you can buy Charlie as a damaged dude who has to torment women to feel better about himself. Matt? He looks too damn nice!

So, chill people. Stop with your petitions. Put all of that energy towards figuring out what we should do about Syria or the economy.

Does this new pic of Ana Dakota change your mind?


Images via Splash News

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nonmember avatar juni

How smart of you to judge a book by it's cover ... "pun intended"

..and blonds are dumb "npi"

Kendall Brem Emanuel

I think she looks great!  Lets just give her a chance to shine!

Alejandra Gallina

Ok, so were are the sexy pictures of Dakota?


nonmember avatar pam

Couldn't have picked anybody better than charlie

nonmember avatar sandie

Nope they aren't what we need. They are wrong for the movie. Even if they are sexy...they aren't right for the roles. Sorry. I am skippin' the movie. Wow waited all this time. What a disappointment. Btw those pics aren't sexy. They are nice but not really sexy.

Tara Rocco-wilson

I can buy it, guess we will see when it hits the big screen...

nonmember avatar Shawn

No the pictures don't change my mind about her as Ana. Just like their choice for Bella in Twilight or some of their casting choices in Percy Jackson.

nonmember avatar angie

it was never up to the fans in the first place. so bitch about all u want. we need fresh faces anyway . plus they arent looking for sexy

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