Lamar Odom's Supposed Drug Dealer Drops Bombs About Prostitutes & Rob Kardashian in Crazy Interview (VIDEO)

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lamar odomA man claiming to be Lamar Odom's "New York based drug dealer" recently sat down for an interview with Radar Online. The interview was filmed and posted onto the website, but the man's identity remains a mystery to the public, as his face is blurred out and his voice is distorted. According to Radar, the man also provided photographic evidence, proving that he does, in fact, personally know Lamar.

In the four minute interview, Lamar's alleged drug dealer drops a number of bombshells about the NBA star. But the most shocking accusations are that Lamar allegedly has a penchant for high-priced prostitutes, and that Rob Kardashian was there for a lot of Lamar's partying.

"His marriage is in the toilet bowl, but he likes the high end prostitute, you want to call them… I’ve seen him with ladies that weren’t his wife," the self-professed dealer claims, adding, "[They were] having a good time. They were using drugs. They were going to party, to drink." The dealer goes on to say that Rob, who reportedly knew about Lamar's drug problem for a year, was occasionally with him when the two met. "Absolutely. I’ve seen Robert before. Robert is, I have nothing to say about Robert. I’ve never seen Robert do anything outside of have fun and drink at parties. But I’ve seen him," the man claims.

This whole thing is just getting worse and worse by the minute. My heart breaks for poor Khloe. She was such a loving and loyal wife; it's hard to believe Lamar really may have done all of these horrible, deceptive things to her. I hope these accusations turn out to be untrue, but ... I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that they're not.

On a lighter note, the drug dealer hilariously concludes his interview by saying that the reason he's talking to Radar is because it's his way of urging Lamar to get help. Sure it is, pal. People who give anonymous interviews to gossip websites and make their livings off of selling drugs to others always just want their clients to get clean. Give me a break, dude.

Click the photo to see the shocking interview:

Radaronline - 'He Went On Cocaine Binges With High-End Call Girls - Behind Wife Khloe's Back,' Troubled Star's Pusher Claims

Image via Splash News



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nonmember avatar sandy

Oof. The prostitutes probably did "engage with Lamar's anatomy;" I really hope Khloe can discreetly get tested for STDs. Of course, Lamar's recovery is first order of business, and I imagine Khloe will try to see him through it. But honestly, I can not imagine how she could stay married to him: not due to anger, necessarily, but because the thought of his activities and the betrayal from lying so completely undermines the ability to trust. Even if Lamar gets better, and even if Khloe rationally understands that his behaviors were drug-influenced, the damage may be irrevocable.


A drug dealer selling his/her story to the highest bidder?!?  WOW!!!  I find that absolutely amazing.

apoll... apollothor

I don't think that anyone looking to have a normal loving marriage can get involved with a Kardashian, with the mom in everybody's business and creating a situation where everyone's life and private moments are on TV. For example, who needed to know that Khloe got burned when her sister gave her crotch a Brazilian wax because she wanted to do that for her husband. That family is beyond ridiculous. If you aren't already on drugs when you marry into that family you will end up on drugs just to deal with the family crap.

Danielle Lynn Clark

Apollothor.... you are blaming the kardashian family for his drug use, and being a male tramp? Wow are you a man yourself? What a joke.

LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen

This man is a LIAR and wants publicity thats all...........don't believe these people..which drug dealer would tell these stories about himself? Get a LIFE and leave others ALONE....everybody wants money and fame.

Penney Snyder

Where does all of this BS come from.  Honestly, this story is just ridiculous!  Why would a drug dealer come out and then have his face blurred?

Anna Mercado

that really sucks for khloe!!

nonmember avatar Moogly

This is another false report. It was reported that Kris Jenner and Klan are guilty of spreading these rumors. They are setting him up for divorce court the same as Kris humphries. Really a drug dealer coming forward if you believe this I got swamp land to sell you. It was never proved he ever used he is tested all the time it would have popped up on a test. They are ruining him.

Michielle R. Cannon-Finch

The whole family needs prayer and recovery. Anybody ever see an episode with them going to Church or at the very least seeming to appreciate/praise God for their lifestyle or tithe, giving back 10% of their blessings? I say not..

Pamela Bruce

 Seriously People Believe this Crap about Lamar!!! Like a Real Drug Dealer would risk getting caught just to talk shit about him!! Give Lamar a Break! I hope Khloe doesnt believe this BullShit about her Husband!!! She is an awsome wife he has no reason to stray!!!

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