Maci Bookout's '50 Shades' Confession Reveals Her Steamy Bedroom Secret

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maci bookout, teen momEverybody has an opinion about the recent casting of the impossibly faraway Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Either you love it (me), you hate it (Robert Pattinson/Ian Somerhalder/Matt Bomer fans), or you are confused by it (my mom). Whichever camp you fall into, I think it's fair to say most of us are chomping at the bit to see how it turns out.

We normal non-TV-star folks are not alone. Now with the casting announcement revealed, more and more celeb fans are emerging. That's right -- fandom over all things Christian and Ana is no longer the exclusive provenance of the non-famous. Check out Teen Mom Maci Bookout's tweet about her feelings on the casting.

Girlfriend is totally feeling Charlie Hunnam! Here's what Maci tweeted, along with posting a pic of a shirtless Hunnam on her Instagram. The world thanks her. Truly. 

Maci Bookout tweet

How can you blame Maci for smelling what Charlie's cooking? That voice/face/stomach/all of it! I had to take a breath. Sorry. Back now. 

Verily, there is no shame in the drooling-over-Hunnam game. But even so, Maci's oversharing skeeves me out a little. I mean, this is a woman who shot to notoriety for getting knocked up as a youth. I can handle following along as she tries to manage her life, transitioning from child to adult. That's fine. But the last thing I want to read about is her passion for submissive sex. No thank you. Not even a little. Not at all. I kind of feel like yelling "TOO SOON" whenever she jokes about sex.

Does Maci's Christian Grey confession gross you out?


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hexxuss hexxuss

I'm one of the few females who read one bit of those books online & has NO interest in ever reading them... 

nonmember avatar Candice

I don't think it's that bad it's not like she went into detail or anything. Everyone needs to get off her back!

Brittany Olivia Parmenter

Maci is an adult now... of course she is going to joke about sex. SMH I mean c'mon she was having sex at the age 16 obviously.

nonmember avatar kim

If you don't want to read it, don't follow her. She's a human being and is allowed to post what she wants. People need to get off of celebrities backs!

nonmember avatar 50ShadesOfShit

All I have to say is, anyone who reads them and freely admits it, is just letting everyone know what kind of person they are. I've read part of the first book; I was thoroughly disgusted at the story, and at how poorly written it was. It's utter crap, and it's sickening that a movie is being made out of it. What's next? PORN in theaters?

nonmember avatar Malodor

Guess what? Deep Throat was in theaters YEARS ago, so that shoots your "what's next" statement. All of you are ridiculous. It's a fucking book. Don't like it? Don't read it and quit your damn bitching.

rphar... rphardwick

I think its funny seeing all these people calling this book porn ... it doesn't have any more sex in it than the average harlequin novel.

Samantha Mays

Who cares? She only said what 95% of the rest of us women are thinking :)

nonmember avatar Sissi

No why would it be she just making a statement every one if us would do lol who likes Charlie I'm not a fan if the choice but I'm gonna give both of them THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT :)

nonmember avatar Guy Incognito

There are a lot of sick puppies out there.

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