maci bookout, teen momEverybody has an opinion about the recent casting of the impossibly faraway Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Either you love it (me), you hate it (Robert Pattinson/Ian Somerhalder/Matt Bomer fans), or you are confused by it (my mom). Whichever camp you fall into, I think it's fair to say most of us are chomping at the bit to see how it turns out.

We normal non-TV-star folks are not alone. Now with the casting announcement revealed, more and more celeb fans are emerging. That's right -- fandom over all things Christian and Ana is no longer the exclusive provenance of the non-famous. Check out Teen Mom Maci Bookout's tweet about her feelings on the casting.

Girlfriend is totally feeling Charlie Hunnam! Here's what Maci tweeted, along with posting a pic of a shirtless Hunnam on her Instagram. The world thanks her. Truly. 

Maci Bookout tweet

How can you blame Maci for smelling what Charlie's cooking? That voice/face/stomach/all of it! I had to take a breath. Sorry. Back now. 

Verily, there is no shame in the drooling-over-Hunnam game. But even so, Maci's oversharing skeeves me out a little. I mean, this is a woman who shot to notoriety for getting knocked up as a youth. I can handle following along as she tries to manage her life, transitioning from child to adult. That's fine. But the last thing I want to read about is her passion for submissive sex. No thank you. Not even a little. Not at all. I kind of feel like yelling "TOO SOON" whenever she jokes about sex.

Does Maci's Christian Grey confession gross you out?


Image via Instagram