Nina Dobrev Makes It SO HARD for Us to Hate Her

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nina dobrevNina Dobrev is one of those women you totally want to hate. You assume she's going to make it easy for you. I mean, she's got that perfect shiny hair, that fierce yoga body, and that super-hot ex-boyfriend (hi, Ian Somerhalder!), and she gets paid major dollars to make out with him! Gah! Totally hate-able, right? That's why it's so disappointing that she continues being so awesome and, well, likeable.

Take for example a recent dig Joan Rivers made at Nina's expense. The sassy supreme queen of comedy managed in just one line to slut-shame Nina AND imply that an outfit made her look like a taxi. Did Nina weep or passive-aggressively tweet about the jibe?

No! Absolutely not. Instead, she took to Twitter to retell Joan's joke with caps-lock-worthy glee. 

nina dobrev

The woman's got a sense of humor about her stabs at style and about herself in general. In Hollywood, where everyone takes themselves so seriously 24/7, that's pretty rare!

It's easy to forget what a goofball Nina is if your only basis for comparison is The Vampire Diaries. There she spends 45 minutes weekly either frowning, drinking someone's blood, or freaking out about her own imminent demise or that of a loved one. Those aren't exactly traits we would usually associate with the mellowed out chick she reveals herself to be on her Instagram.

Would you make Nina part of your posse?


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Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Love it...just like the rest of the world....who gives a sh*t about Joan Rivers....washed up and hung out to dry.

Cassie Koenig

LOL Good Job Nina!!  Joan is a washed up has been, who needs to retire and let her daughter take over the nasty hurtful lines she says. She's ugly inside and out!  I LOVE Nina's sense of humor towards her!

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