Lisa Vanderpump & Brandi Glanville Not Speaking After Massive, Blowout Fight

brandi glanville lisa vanderpumpWhile on a leisurely Internet stroll this morning, I stumbled across something that would have made me spit my coffee out were I drinking any: Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump are no longer friends. According to reports, the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars recently had a blow-out argument in which Brandi accused Lisa of some pretty terrible things, and now the former BFFs aren't talking.

First off, a Louis Vuitton-emblazoned moment of silence for this formerly fab duo ...

Okay, now let's talk about the fact that if what Brandi is saying Lisa did is true, Lisa is the most catty woman in the whole RHOBH group.

Apparently, while the girls were in Puerto Rico, filming season 4, Lisa and Yolanda Foster got into an argument, and Brandi wound up taking Yolanda's side. According to a source, during the fight, "Brandi revealed that Lisa had told her to take magazine articles about Kyle Richards' hubby Mauricio Umansky cheating on her on a trip the ladies took several weeks earlier to Palm Springs." The source continued: "Brandi told Lisa, 'Don’t you dare try to lie about this one, there is no way you are going to weasel out of this one.' Needless to say, Lisa was absolutely floored and couldn’t believe Brandi had turned on her!"

Lisa's floored? I'm floored. I can't believe after all that Lisa did for Brandi (befriending her when no one else would), Brandi would turn on her like that. And at the same time, if Lisa did ask Brandi to bring articles on Maurico's cheating, that's really messed up; and so not the kind of person we thought Lisa was. She raised Giggy, for god's sake! How could Giggy's mom do such a thing?

Although I love me a good old fashioned Real Housewives cat fight just as much as the next gal, I'm really hoping this all just winds up being poppycock. Lisa and Brandi were such a fun, unlikely pair to watch together -- especially when Ken was thrown into the mix. It'd be a shame if their seemingly-real friendship fell apart over a cheating scandal that had nothing to do with either one of them.

And for the record, Giggy isn't pleased:


What do you think of this?


Image via Bravo

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Linda King

brandi cant stand her... cant stand lisa either.!

Sharon Riley Goodban

Hoorah for Lisa,  Get rid of that foul mouth 2 bit w____


nonmember avatar sandy

This one sounds like pure blarney! I can imagine Lisa and Yolanda having a fight, and I can even imagine Brandi taking Y's side, which of course would be so hurtful to Lisa. But I absolutely can not imagine Lisa asking Brandi to smuggle magazine "evidence": If she wanted to hurt Kyle, she would just bring it up and mention the articles. Something may have happened, but the magazine stash is doubtful.

Linda Darnell

OK. Am I the ONLY ONE who saw this coming way back when Lisa and Ken "adopted" Brandi after their break-up with Cedric? REALLY!!? I told yall then that this was gonna happen. These two have to always have someone else in their control to do the dirty work for them. HINT WORD: PUPPETMASTER'S.busy mom

Anne Marie Caggiano

I think Brandi is vile and just turns on her friends. I love Lisa

Waynette Banks McManus

PLEASE get rid of Brandi!!! She is pure trash and hurting BRAVO. Her and our east side foul mouth, KIM KOLCIAK, are a disgrace to women. FU, FUBit, UMF, are their personal trademarks and I won't listen to it anymore. I will turn the TV OFF, and Andy you will lose a bunch of ladies who get together for "our Housewives" night. Get them OFF! They are describable.

nonmember avatar Gardnlizzrd

Waynette, she at least uses correct grammar. Yours is DESPICABLE. (See? THAT'S describable....)

Sheila Smith Baxley

Don't care for either one nor Yolanda. Always knew Lisa was a "pot stirrer" and Brandi well she's just plain white trash.


nonmember avatar Niki

=( thats all

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