'50 Shades' Fan Backlash Against Charlie Hunnam Sounds a Lot Like What Happened to Robert Pattinson

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Robert PattinsonAs pretty much the entire planet knows by now, Fifty Shades of Grey has cast its leads -- Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. Whoo-hoo! Or, er, Hells naw! Depending. Right now, it seems like the Hells naw! group is vastly outnumbering the Whoo-hoo! clan. Especially for poor Charlie Hunnam. Sheesh man. People are even threatening to boycott the movie over the casting. It even slipped out -- thanks to that busybody screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis -- that author E.L. James' first pick for the Christian Grey role was Robert Pattinson. What a diff half a decade makes. For there once was a time when Rob was being booed and hissed -- for being cast as Edward Cullen in Twilight. Fans hated his casting as much as they do that of Charlie Hunnam now. Fans -- there's no pleasin' 'em!

Waaaaay back in 2007, as Twilight was getting ready to be cast, it was much the same anticipation and fierce debates about Edward as there was about Christian. Stephenie Meyer even had her fave picked out ... and it wasn't Rob Pattinson (nor Charlie Hunnam). At the time, Stephenie said:

Indisputably the most difficult character to cast, [Edward] is also the one that I'm most passionately decided upon. The only actor I've ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is ... (drumroll) ... Henry Cavill.

Henry, of course, was also a Christian fan fave -- and who can blame everyone for wanting him for every part? He is gorg. When he didn't get the role, Stephenie opined:

The most disappointing thing for me is losing my perfect Edward.

But soon she was cheering the casting of an actor known primarily for his small role in Harry Potter -- that of Cedric Diggory. His name was Robert Pattinson. Stephanie changed her tune and said:

I am ecstatic with Summit's choice for Edward. There are very few actors who can look both dangerous and beautiful at the same time, and even fewer who I can picture in my head as Edward. Robert Pattinson is going to be amazing.

But few agreed with her. Rob told the media that he was getting "bags of angry letters" from fans who were against his casting. He even told Entertainment Weekly:

I stopped reading [fansites and blogs] after I saw the signatures saying 'Please, anyone else.'

Yikes. Pretty harsh. And that was even after Rob was one of the four most popular picks on fan sites, along with Hayden Christensen, Orlando Bloom, and Gerard Way (who?).

Rob, of course, went on to win fans' hearts with his iconic portrayal of Edward. But he never forgot their initial lack of enthusiasm for him, describing it as "unanimous unhappiness" and joking: "That was fun!"

So who's to say the same won't happen with Charlie? All he has to do is turn in a stellar performance -- which he will -- and fans will forget all about the 50 shades of shade they're throwing him now.

Here's Rob reminiscing about his long-ago unpopularity:


Do you think you'll change your tune about Charlie?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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keelh... keelhaulrose

Considering the origin of 50 Shades, is anyone surprised ELJ wanted Robert Pattinson?

Lokis... LokisMama

I really think that anyone who's involved in this movie is going to damage their careers.  I love Charlie Hunnam.  Doesn't mean I'm going to watch this travesty of film.

adamat34 adamat34

Agree with Lokis....besides....I can watch porn for free on line...no need to wait till next year.

nonmember avatar Dee

Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey! It's hard to imagine anyone else in that role...unless, of course, it's Henry Cavill.
There were several females who could have been cast as a good Anastasia Steele, and I've not seen the one who was chosen, so I won't pass judgment on her yet. But I am extremely disappointed with the man chosen to depict Christian. I've read the books twice, and seen the adult version of the movie that was released soon after the books reached their height of popularity. You get a very vivid picture of the man who should play Christian....and this definitely is NOT him.
Hopefully, it's not too late for reconsideration. Matt would be perfect.

nonmember avatar Mary

Same thing happened with Interview with a Vampire, nobody wanted Tom Cruise as LeStat. Especially me. But I have to admit he did a great job, and I heard the author, Ann Rice, changed her mind after seeing him in the role too.

nonmember avatar Tracey

Seriously people need to let this go. Charlie Hunnam is sexy and will do a great job. Watch Sons of Anarchy for 10 minutes and it will change your mind. Matt Bomer... ummm no! He is too short for one thing and I am sorry he isn't a great actor. No matter who they would of picked someone would of been mad. Get over it.

nonmember avatar Girl109

The reason women are angry is that he's not cute enough. Period. Men get the most beautiful women for their fantasy media--Victoria's Secret, WWE wrestling, men's magazine models, etc.--but women always get ugly guys in the role of the handsome hero:(

Marga23 Marga23

Exactly, I remember people were outraged saying they would boycott the movie, yeah that worked out. I imagined that they prepared the actors for some of the backlash but is still embarrassing some of the comments people have made and how insane it makes them sound. They've already said Matt bomer was never in the running but these women are acting like he was dying to get the role.

Kathy Madden Tudo

Charlie Hunnam is one of the sexiest men on tv.  Just watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy, he has boyish charm, a  knock out smile and is so incredibly sexy!!


Sharon Carter Manion

the choice is perfect I don't know the female lead but know JAX WILL DO INCREDIBLE WORK AS CHRISTIAN

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