Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Labor Day Lovefest -- Are They the Real Deal? (PHOTO)

desiree hartsock, chris siegfriedHow did you spend your Labor Day? If you are Desiree Hartsock or Chris Siegfried, the only answer is 'desperately in love and totally together and touching each other all the time always.' Whatever the rumor mill might be spouting, Des took to Twitter to let the world know -- she and Chris are totally still on.

Des posted pics of herself and Chris enjoying some volleyball over the long weekend. She also mentioned treating themselves to massages. While it's good to hear that the couple seems to be deeply in smit, it's all a little, well, hard to swallow. Could this be a case of the lady protesting too much?

This season of The Bachelorette was, in a word, gut-wrenching. (Okay, so technically that's two words, but still.) Seeing Des and Chris all lovey-dovey for the cameras can't banish the memory of just how wrecked she was when Brooks Forester decided to call it quits.

There's something to be said for moving on and letting new love heal the wounds left behind by the old ones. Even so, the images of Des weeping in the wake of Brooks shafting her are hard to shake. In the fast-paced compressed reality of The Bachelorette-universe, we worry that Des might push herself to get over Brooks too quickly and inadvertently hurt Chris in the process.

Do you think Des and Chris are the real deal?


Image via Twitter

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Julie Morgan

I don't know could just be a rebound relationship? But who knows she liked all 3 guys but just had a stronger connection with Brooks. Who's to say that you can't fall more deeply in love while getting to know the person? Kinda like a crush turning into love. Wish Des and Chris the best if it's meant to be they'll be together. Ka sera sera whatever will be will be lol

Roberta Howard

No!!!! Poor Chris... She is a flake...


Arleen Spendlove

Des and Chris will make it to the altar, and their love will last and will withstand the test of time. They are the real deal. They are not phony nor flaky. They are beautiful together.

Evelyn Young

yes and leave them a lone. no wonder they get sick of the b shit.


nonmember avatar Marilyn

I think Des picked the best. I mean come on how much did she love Brooks.??? She didn'y even know him. Maybe physically attracted but love I doubt. Brooks seems like a really nice guy but he has a lot of issues to overcome first before he's ready for a relationship. Of course Brooks ex said herself he's not over HER. Not conceited or

Kathy Segerstrom

Yes leave them alone to live their life's!!!

KimDan Hissong

Agree they have can find real love if both are willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work and grow. They appear to be happy and willing......Praying for them and hope there is a happy ever after for them! :)

Nancy Castle

I think this should be a comment section about the author. Lets see; she lives alone in Brooklyn with her cats. Well, spinster and cat lady writing for The Stir. No wonder she writes articles like this - jealousy and loneliness. The shows over. Who's Brooks. Oh yeah the crush Des seems to have forgotten already. Lady, go feed your cats and change their cat litter. It's beginning to smell around here. Maybe you can talk about the weather.

Charri Strong

Clearly, Des was smitten by Brooks however, I don't think he ever reslly commited to her. Afterwards, and with all the sobbing, she realized that Chris was a great guy who truly cared for her After all she really cared for him too, so why not go for it.??? Des is in love with love and Chris is a good choice. I think that they'll try to make it work. Good Luck and love to them.

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