'True Blood' Season 7 Will Be Its Last: 5 Questions We Want Answered Before the End!

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true bloodBad news: True Blood Season 7 will be its last. NOOOOOOO!!! I know, I know -- take a moment. Wail and sob and sigh and gnash your teeth and get all that grief right out before it eats you alive!!! For behond, this is a sad, sad day. Still, not too sad. Because ... good news: If the next season of True Blood is truly to be the final season, that must mean some serious loose end-tying is in the not too distant future. Right?? After all, as much as I may love myself some True Blood, even I must admit that very nearly too many burning questions have been left unanswered. And so, while it saddens me deeply to accept the fact that True Blood will not (ironically) live forever, I can at least cling to the hope that after Season 7 I will no longer need to wonder ...

1. Will Sam & Nicole (or whoever) live happily ever after? 

Look, I don't have the highest of hopes for Sam and Nicole, simply because I don't have the highest of hopes for Sam and anybody. His love interests tend to die (or die and live forever, in Tara's case) or simply not love him back (Sookie, that means you). But if anybody in Bon Temps deserves a nice girl, it's poor Sam Merlotte! Will he ever find love??

2. Is Eric Northman really dead??

NO. No, he can't be, and I know he's NOT, but I still want to see proof!

3. Is this Hep-V thing for real?

By which I mean, was the tainted blood plot device just a weak last-minute idea from wearied Season 6 writers or are they really gonna keep this one up next season? Zzzzzz ...

4. Is Violet ever going to sleep with Jason?

Seems like he sure has "paid his dues," y'know? On the other hand, it is pretty funny to see Jason beg ...

5. What's Lafayette been doing?? 

I miss that bitch!! Next season better bring Lafayette back in a big way!

And those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg ...

What questions do you hope to have answered in True Blood Season 7?


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adamat34 adamat34

Did anyone else find it odd that Sam hooked up with this chick possibly HOURS after his "love" Luna bit the big one intrusting her daughter with him???? I thought that was strange......Sookie hate to say.....should be with Bill....sorry peeps. Anywhoo, Eric isnt dead.....we would have seen goo.......sigh...June is far far away....

linzemae linzemae

I disagree. I think sookie should be with sam! But id prefer bill over eric. I was a bill fan in the books. I didnt realize till now that la-la was hardly in this season! I miss that hookah

nonmember avatar Junie

I so want Sookie and Bill to have a HEA. When they are together on screen (no matter what or where) they are ELECTRIC.

Tanya Lukas-Rice

will sookie be preganat since she shared the light with Ben?sharing light with farie and police chief there was baby's outcome......

Agnieszka Gryziak

Sookie should be with Eric. Bill might be back to the old Bill but still I prefer Eric over Bill. Eric is not trying to sufer with decisions he is acting. And Sam should be with his girl. Jason and Violet well I don't like the way she is acting with him

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