10 Things to Love or Hate About Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

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dakota johnsonNow that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie's leads have actually been cast (still can't believe it -- wow!!), everything from utter elation to complete BACKLASH from fans has ensued. It was apparent for a while that those campaigning for Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, and Alexis Bledel may suffer from disappointment once casting was announced. But the response to the film's actual, official Christian and Ana was up in the air. Now we know, it is a mixed bag. Which really means we have to see what Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are like on screen as Christian and Ana before we can really make any official judgments. But in the meantime, we can guess why we may love -- or loathe! -- them in the coveted roles.

Here, reasons to love and to hate Dakota as Ms. Steele ...

  1. LOVE: Judging from the two different times she played a carefree co-ed in The Social Network and The Five-Year Engagement, Dakota seems extremely comfortable doing sexy scenes that require her to wear very little clothing. May make for steamy sex scenes, doncha think?
  2. HATE: One word: Nepotism. I'm sure she would have gotten the role without any help from her famous mama and dads (biological Don Johnson and step Antonio Banderas), but still. I'm sure her famous name didn't hurt.
  3. LOVE: Judging from what we've seen so far, she seems to have a good range, being able to pull off both serious and humorous parts, which will hopefully make it easy for her to carry parts that add comic relief to the sometimes dark storyline.
  4. HATE: She's a relative unknown with untested star power. Does she really have the charisma it'll take to render us unable to tear our eyes away from the screen? Sure, Charlie's eye candy, but like producer Dana Brunetti said, the chemistry between the two needs to be spot-on ... Thankfully, producer Michael De Luca promised fans that “auditions were stunning, incredible chemistry.”
  5. LOVE: She has no problem going brunette, has gone brunette before, and will hopefully be doing it again for Ana, because fans will really lose it if she doesn't stay true to that very specific, widely known character traits.
  6. HATE: The character she's played so far aren't exactly, err, likable. Her character in Five-Year Engagement was downright obnoxious! Is that going to mean her portrayal of Ana may be, too?
  7. LOVE: It could be fun to see this help launch her career in a big way, then see her follow in her grandma's (Tippi Hendren!), mom's, and dads' famous footsteps.
  8. HATE: Dakota, who is rumored to have a boyfriend, and Charlie, who is in a long-term relationship, can't possibly have the kind of chemistry two unattached actors could have ...
  9. LOVE: At 23, she is the perfect age to portray Ana.
  10. HATE: She's not Alexis Bledel/Lucy Hale/Shailene Woodley/Emilia Clark/Felicity Jones or any of the other brunette ingenues we were sure of as the shoo-in.

How do you feel about Dakota as Ana? Love/hate/indifferent?


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Barbara Edders Saltzman

sorry but she doesn't have the innocent look to be Ana, just a very wrong choice.

Lydia Milly Lopez

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt

Vanessa Reynaga

her teeth are werid :( i am just so dissapointed about casting nowadays it seems like nobody cares about the audience anymore but i am still seeing the movie just because i read the books and i would like to see how they would potray onsceen :) 

nonmember avatar Emily

I don't care what anyone says, I'm pissed at the cast choices and I will not be watching/reading the books and movies anymore. The books came alive in my head as I was reading them and i was so enchanted by them. Even though most movies are disappointments and don't do the books justice, this has to be the WORST casting decision for book-to-movie conversion EVER!!!! So disappointed and let down by the authors choices and I hope she realizes that a lot of people are feeling this way!!!!

Joyce Dillon


Jaclyn Lander

I guess we'll see when the movie comes out..it may end up surprising us..I didn't like the choices either but I'll try to be positive about it.

Monica Bent

hate the choices of both Ana and Christian.  My excitement for the movie to come out has died alot. :(


Jayne Aldridge Seboe

She fits better than the skank they picked to play Christian. What a downer!

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