'50 Shades of Grey' Official Trailer Release Date Confirmed but It's Not Soon Enough!

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charlie hunnam, 50 shades of greyAfter several agonizing months, we finally know who we should picture when we close our eyes and imagine the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey. The lucky winners of the sexy starring roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are blond hottie Charlie Hunnam and daughter of Hollywood royalty Dakota Johnson. Now all that's left is for, you know, the movie to be made.

Which means ... more waiting. Sure, the team behind Fifty Shades knows exactly how excited we all are, and in that vein, they've already promised us a trailer to be released in early 2014.

The new year might be just around the corner, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. We need our Christian and Ana fix much faster than that!

How are we supposed to pass the time waiting for our first glimpse of the movie? Patience may be a virtue, but it is also so boring. We've been wracking our brains, and there are a few ways we can think of to pass the time.

We could re-read all the books, earmarking certain scenes to email the movie's team about including. We could also get our fan-girl selves on in full by creating beautiful photo collages of Charlie Hunnam (bonus points if said collages feature blingees). We could watch the entire first season of Dakota's canceled FOX show Ben & Kate to get a sense of her acting abilities. Or we could sift through the contents of the entire Internet looking for any choice tidbits to satiate our curiosity. We could even make our OWN official trailers with Hunnam and Johnson.

Hmm. So many choices. Maybe we should just watch all those unofficial teaser trailers made by fans for the millionth time. Oh, wait. We've already been doing that while we were waiting for the cast to be announced. Guess we need a little of that virtue called patience after all.

How are you going to pass the time until the trailer's released in 2014?


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nonmember avatar chelsea


Tiffany Dicke

Can't wait for the trailer! TeamCharlie and TeamDakota :-)

nonmember avatar Kizzle

Is anyone else wondering who they will choose for Kate and Elliot plus Taylor n Mrs Jones?

Melissa Needham

Looking at how different Charlie looks in all of his stuff gives me hope for him being the perfect Christian Grey.  And I watched all of the Ben And Kate (and plan on trying to watch her other stuff) and I am kind of thinking that I like Dakota as well... I am actually excited about it. :-) Even though Ian didn't win the casting.

Shawna Foster

I cant wait!!  I have not heard yet who else they are casting!! 


nonmember avatar Gina

People have been complaining about the casting, but personally getting our favorites put in was a long shot. I still have hope for this movie and will still be very excited! They've got the goods!

Katelyn Jacobsen

i'm going to read the book a month or two before the movie comes out to get caught up!!!!

Melissa Beane-gravely

i think Elena,aka Mrs. Robinson should be played by Dakotas real-life mother,Melanie Griffith!!!

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