'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Has Fans So Upset They're Vowing to Boycott the Movie

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Man. We've been sitting on the edge of our seats for, like, forever waiting on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie cast to finally be announced -- but when it happened yesterday? Um, I think it's safe to say that fans were more than a little bit shocked about who will be playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele -- not to mention pretty bummed out.

I mean, out of all of the amazing actors who could've been given the gigs -- Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were chosen? Really?

(If the announcement had come on April Fools' Day instead of Labor Day, no one would've believed it.)

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Casting these two as Ana and Christian just seems so ... BLAH. I guess Dakota sort of fits the part physically (with darker hair, of course), but Charlie? Eww. If he doesn't hit the barber shop before filming starts, this flick is going to be a total eyesore to watch. He's just so scruffy and creepy and ... ick.

Still -- they had to have landed the roles for a reason, right? Producer Dana Brunetti explained the decision in further detail saying, "There is a lot that goes into casting that isn't just looks. Talent, availability, their desire to do it, chemistry with other actor, etc. So if your favourite wasn’t cast, then it is most likely due to something on that list. Keep that in mind while hating and keep perspective."

Hmm. I guess he's right. You can't exactly cast someone in a film they have no interest in. And the chemistry has to be perfect for this one or it's not going to have any chance of working at all. Who knows -- maybe Dakota and Charlie will blow our minds with their portrayal of Ana and Christian?

But some fans are so outraged over the casting that they're insisting they will not watch the film when it comes out next year. And interestingly enough, most of the anger seems to be over Chrisitan's role as opposed to Ana's.

Here are some priceless reactions from fans on Facebook. (They're devastated, people.)

"I hate the people they picked! Not even worth watching."

"So disappointed with the casting. They don't even resemble the parts. Ugh."

"Surely they must realize that by not choosing the right guy to play Christian Grey, they will lose potential viewers of the movie."

"The movie is going to be bad. That guy isn't even good looking and so many other actors could be better choices for Christian Grey."

"What hilariously terrible casting for the movie. I was excited about it but now I'll probably skip it."

"Frankly, I'm strongly considering not even seeing the movie now. The beady-eyed dude they cast isn't even *slightly* sexy, and I don't care WHAT he looks like with his shirt off. Christian is supposed to be sexy in the face, guys. Are we forgetting that? Why would I bother watching a movie with a homely looking dude cast in a spot that should've been occupied by someone that is ACTUALLY sexy."

"They should just cast Miley and Robin and get it over with!" (Snort.)

"The casting for this movie is a disappointment. He is not Christian and she definitely is not Anastasia. Casting choice is terrible, they must not have read the book."

"Really pissed!!!! Charlie's not doing it for me at all....get that squirrel off his face please!!!!!!"

"She got it so wrong!!!!! I will be skipping the movie, if she could not get the casting right I think she will be messing up the screenplay."

"OMG!!!! I AM SO UPSET!...what where they honestly thinking seriously...he's to chubby and she looks to old...I guess I will just stick to the books and never ever go see the movie...cause WOW!!! Just WOW."

Your turn to weigh in -- what do you think of the Fifty Shades of Grey casting choices?


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abra819 abra819

Holy hell, get a damn life people. Hey, you hear about the gas attack in syria, or the radiation leak in fukishima?

sweet... sweetcherry_59

The same thing happened when the Twilight cast was announced. Wait until the movie comes out and they will have new stuff to bitch about. You can't please everyone. Especially bored lonely housewives who are mad that the directors are altering their fantasy from what THEY think it should be. I've seen him clean shaven and I think he's perfect for the role.

Marga23 Marga23

Yeah yeah, come next August people will flock the theathers. Same thing happened with twilight and the hunger games, everybody freaking out about the casting. Is never going to be perfect but of the actors have chemistry then that's a big sell. Also why are people acting like his facial hair is permanent? Razors do exist! I can't wait to see the movie packed with women who swore they would never watch the movie cause their choice actor wasn't cast

mommy... mommyinthe303

You blog lady are an idiot, no the chick playing Anna I am not sure about her but I think he can pull it off have you seen him without a shirt?

Bridget LeBeau

the less people in the theaters equals more privacy for me..boycott all you want! I love Charlie Hunnam!

mamat... mamatreat

I think its funny that all these women are so upset by casting choices.  Like its life or death? I could care less who was or wasn't cast in the movie- I'm more interested to see how they are going to film it so that its not a porno.  To me thats the real question.  And by the way- Charlie Hunnam is beautiful when he is clean shaven.  Anyone see Green Street Hooligans? Not to mention the fact that anyone that has seen SOA knows he has the acting skills and facial expressions to play someone that is pissed off all the time. 

nonmember avatar Michele

There are plenty of women who watch Sons of Anarchy that think the guy is hot, I hear them say it all the time. Maybe they should quickly google his images so they can calm down a bit. Some folks haven't heard of a razor, hair dye, "hitting the gym" (since one person left a comment on Facebook about his chubby body).

What's wrong with folks today, so overly invested in a fictional book about fictional characters? It pains me to think what their real lives consist of if THIS sends them over the edge. Being disappointed is one thing, these folks are on another level. Oh and it's kinda rude to do to the actors.

nonmember avatar Ashley G

You, or any of those other objectors, have obviously not seen him without a shirt or without any pants in Sons of Anarchy.

If you did some research on him, you'd also see he's hot as fuck with or without that beard.

Nanoo... Nanooksmommy

I think people should wait to watch the movie before they go and criticise the casting... PS Charlie Hunnam is an extremely talented actor.

nonmember avatar Dia

Since the books were trash, what do you expect? The books were horribly written, a rip off of the Twilight books, massive abuse going on and out and out stupidity on behalf of the characters thanks to the authors inability to have an original thought. I wish they wouldn't even make the movie and ban the books from the shelves so future generations can be spared such atrocities.

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