The 'Real Housewives' Biggest Lies Exposed (VIDEO)

Stuck in Reality 7

It was a spicy night in Reality TV land, with the premiere of Tamra’s OC Wedding on Bravo, followed by Episode 4 of the Real Housewives of Miami – did you watch?

Talk about drama! Epic fights that nearly ruin two weddings, someone's man getting down and dirty with a stripper, friends lying to each other's faces, and the behind-the-scenes secrets producers don't want you to know about.

Today, we discuss how you negotiate free services in exchange for a plug on TV. It’s a safe bet Tamra Barney didn’t actually pay $6,000 for those shoes. I know from experience that producers flash that big pricetag up on the screen as advertising for the fashion savvy fans with seriously deep pockets. But that's not the only fast one they tried to pull on viewers.

The whole stripper-gate scandal stemming from Eddie Judge’s bachelor party led to a nasty fight with bride-to-be Tamra. But I think the producers made a meal out of this in order to stir up drama and keep things interesting since we already know how the spin-off ultimately ends.  Do you think this twitter exchange between my hubby Simon van Kempen and Tamra confirms it?

twitter convo

Moving on to Miami - can you believe how deep the bulls**t is between Lea and Adriana?  There’s so much lying happening naturally that I wish they wouldn’t bother with those silly psychic readings. NOT that Cari isn’t psychic, mind you; I just don’t think they spent hours talking about Lea Black. I don’t buy it. Do you? 

Here’s a question for all our readers – would you let your sister come between you and your fiancé?  I say no, but what did Joanna Krupa say?  And finally, as a Reality TV cast member, what do you do when the cameras aren’t rolling and you run into someone you fought with last season? Should you make up? Save it for the cameras next season? If you do, how real is THAT? 

Watch the exclusive video for an insiders take on it all.

Which bride do you like best -Tamra or Joanna?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Adriana is full of crap and she must think everyone's an idiot to believe her lies and excuses about already being married.

As far as Tamra, of course it's all dramatized for the show. But Eddie did cross the line with the nipple in the mouth bit.

nonmember avatar Devs

Alex has another bad hair day. Still bitter she and her hubby were fired from NY show. Was it due to alcoholism? Nah, then they'd have to fire Ramona and Sonja...or was 4 drunks too much..oh wait 5..Ramona's red faced hubby whatshisname?

nonmember avatar christina

LOVE your videos!!! Keep it up they are great!!!

nonmember avatar mimdy mathews

Hi Alex--enjoy your video blogs.

I think the psychic bit crossed the line with inferring Lea had anything to do with Mama Elsa's condition. Poor taste and Marisol needs to exit the show.

I believe Tamra's entire existence on RHOC and Tamra's OC Wedding is staged, scripted,very predictable and mostly boring. Thanks for the run down on the freebies.

The better bride is Joanna--at least it is a first for her. By the time you get to a third wedding call it what it is a middle-aged prom.

ninag... ninag1980

Please reveal more secrets Alex! Readers and viewers want to know.

Kimberley Page

I love Alex. I miss her on Real Housewives of New York. She brought reality to reality tv.

Kathy Hook Fischer

You do the best job :) Love your comments

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