'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody's 'Hipster' Style is a HUGE Problem

sister wivesHey there, Sister Wives fans, got a question for you: In all these years of watching Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn & Co. do their daily thang on the TV, how often have you wondered about what life is like for the Brown kids? I mean, don't get me wrong -- I've wondered -- but personally, I haven't given nearly as much thought to the younger set as I have to the Sister Wives themselves. I don't know why that is, exactly ... maybe because none of the kids have presented themselves as all that interesting, so far? Anyway. Apparently I'm in the minority, because if last night's episode of Sister Wives -- in which the Brown family sat down to answer audience questions -- is any indication, lots of people DO wonder about the Brown kids. 

But guess what? Turns out there's a reason why I was never all that curious about the kids: Cause they're just like any other kids. Or, any other kids with sort of strict parents. What's tops on the Brown children's list of grievances?

1. Not being able to show enough "skin" (Kody's pretty rigid about "revealing" clothing on the girls, which he says sends the "wrong message" to boys)

2. Kody's "hipster" style (the long hair and tight jeans are a source of humiliation)

Also, as far as the acquisition of MORE siblings, most of the girls say "yay" while the boys say "are you effing kidding me?" 

So, see what I mean? Snore. Kids are kids. Sadly, even the wives' revelations weren't all that earth-shattering: Sometimes they get jealous of each other. And Kody isn't understanding enough. (SHOCK!) Also, Janelle is working really hard to lose weight, and mad props Janelle! (Seriously, she's pretty awesome this season.)

Did you watch last night's episode?

Were you surprised by any of the Sister Wives' answers to audience questions?

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adamat34 adamat34

Im curious as to if the answers would have been different if that goofball wasnt sitting in the middle controlling them like puppets?

Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^ ageeed. I think they should speak for themselves every once in awhile instead of having to run everything by him and make sure he approves.

nonmember avatar erika m

I have to disagree with the ladies before me who see the wives as puppets. I dont think they HAVE to run everything by Kody for his permission or even his opinion. I think they chose to defer to Kody because they are in the biblical mindset that the husband is "king of his castle" (or castles, in this case) and that they are being good, subservient wives.

There are still monogamous women who believe that a woman marital role is to serve her husband and no one criticizes them for being a 'good christian wife'... the only difference here is that they chose to live a polygamist lifestyle. It's their lives and they're all consenting adults so good luck to them!

mlg1989 mlg1989


lizzy... lizzyj805

That shows still on????? Smfh.....

nonmember avatar Me

I usually watch it but I didnt watch this episode because I figured none of the questions I have would be answered. Like how often he has sex with his wives, does he ever think of another wife while in bed with another. Is he more attracted to one than other, has he ever, or the wives, regretted this life style etc, which you know, isnt really my business anyways so I understand its not discussed on tv, but you know just curious lol

rocky... rockyhugs35

I totally agree with erika m

nonmember avatar Leslie

Why is the hell is this insane show still on TV? It disgusts me and needs to be off the air!!!!

WyoAr... WyoArmyMom

Not only is the show still on, now there will be another plyg show of a guy with 5 wives. Yippy.

nonmember avatar mary

These women grew up in this "religion". They were raised to think this is how it should be..
Brainwashed by men, for men.

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