'Real Housewives of Orange County Secrets Revealed': Virgins, Vasectomies & Vicki Gunvalson's Toothless Greek God

rhocSo apparently three entire episodes for the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion wasn’t enough. Tonight Bravo took us behind the orange curtain for the RHOC Secrets Reveled special.

Mostly it was more of what we'd already seen -- including those outfits that they STILL didn't change -- but there were a few interesting tidbits thrown in here and there. Here were three of the most surprising.

1. Lydia McLaughlin and her husband were virgins when they married.

And they dated for THREE YEARS before they got married. Good for them. They seem perfectly happy too.

2. Gretchen Rossi and SladeSmiley may get pregnant before they get married.

Gretchen said they're not attempting to reverse Slade's vasectomy, and are planning to do IVF. She said the only question now is will the wedding or the baby come first. I'm betting on the baby -- let the bump watch begin.

3. Vicki Gunvalson may or may not be involved with a toothless Greek God

Lauri Peterson came back out with a pile of proof to continue her attack on Vicki. First she showed off her college degree to prove that she wasn't some helpless, uneducated victim Vicki (who by the way doesn't have a college degree) took under her wing. Then she went off again on Vicki for her romantic indiscretions, and once again brought up the toothless Greek God Vicki was once involved with ...  and still may be. 

Vicki called Lauri a filthy liar, and just when I was inclined to believe Vicki, they rolled tape to a scene on the bus on the way to Whistler. Vicki did imply that the Greek was still in the picture in some way. When she realized the cameras were rolling, she refused to talk about it anymore. What's really going on there is anybody's guess.

Unfortunately, we'll have to keep on guessing until next season as that was a wrap. Another season of RHOC is done and gone, and we can only begin to imagine  what the next one will be bring. 

Which of these revelations surprises you the most?


Image via Bravo

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youth... youthfulsoul

Vicki's a liar. Plain and simple.

nonmember avatar CF

Vicki is like ALL of the housewives, messed up & troubled, but she's real -- unlike Gretchen. Even Tamara is more real than Gretchen, especially this past season. Gretchen is horrible and should go away.

nonmember avatar Darlene

Vicki is a controlling, fake-ass douche......

nonmember avatar Darlene

Vicki is a controlling, fake-ass douche......

nonmember avatar jersey

All these women reaffirm what men believe about women. You all should be quite and think before you speak about anything. Never let your friends or children run your life.

grous... grousseau

Vicki is a mean old woman.

nonmember avatar ladyjojo

I think Vicki has a fetish for toothless guys. Remember dentally challenged Brooks in the beginning? LOL

nonmember avatar Joy Jons

Print this. Vicki is a fameho- that much is clear. She has nothing else going for her.

Norma Starnes Sawyer

i doubt very seriously Vicki has a greek God. Look at Brooks!


Rhonda Fomby

Poor Vicki!  She's so desperate for love she stays with a man who hasbasically encouraged her daughter to be abused as well as allegedly threatening her...and her choice if she leaves him?  A toothless Greek "god"? She should have tried harder to work it out with Don.


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