'Sister Wives' Preview: The Browns (Maybe) Tell All! (VIDEO)

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sister wivesLet's say you have about a billion questions regarding polygamy. Because, who doesn't, really? The logistics defy basic human comprehension: Scheduling sexytime, household responsibilities, finances ... where does it end? And who better to ask than ... The Sister Wives?? That's the premise behind tonight's episode, "Your Polygamy Questions Answered," in which Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn go in front of an audience to answer -- you guessed it -- your polygamy questions.

What fun!!! Oooh, what I wouldn't give for a seat in that studio audience. Of course, no guaranteeing that the Sister Wives did or would answer all the questions asked of them, but merely having the opportunity to drill those dames on their practicalities of plural marriage sounds pretty dang amazing!! I mean, what would you ask? What WOULDN'T you ask?? Now, this isn't the first time the Browns have done this sort of thing, but it could very well be the most interesting time, given the ever-escalating tensions between spouses. Check out this clip from a previous session of "Ask the Browns" to see what territory has already been covered:

And then tune in tonight!! But first, tell us ...

What would you ask the Sister Wives?

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nonmember avatar Erin

I ask why in Gods name would anyone want to share their husband with someone? Psychology speaking this is.classic low self.esteem. Ive watched this show on occasion. I immediately perceive this man as a monumental narcissist. Its creepy and strange the way he seemingly controls these women while not really being involved in their lives completely. Some of the children are very angry, as witnessed in one episode where the poor child breaks down and this man sits on a laptop while the mother tries to calm the situation. These polygamists people should be charged with bigamy. Anyone.remember Warren Jeffs??

katyq katyq

I agree with erin, hes. Total narcissist and the women all have serious self esteen issues

Cara Curfew-Kociela

Polygamy is NOT all "Sister Wives" "Polygamy USA" "Big Love" or "The Dargers" ....
As a resident of So. UT for almost 20 years it was very obvious to me that the law turned a blind eye to the FLDS where girls (some as young as 12) were being married off to older men. It was always sad to me to see a young FLDS girl with a baby in her arms and wonder if it was her sibling or her child.

My husband worked at the local paper for 16 years as the local news editor (including the years of the Jeffs trials). With all the research he did during that time he found many instances of the "lack of law" in this area and the corruption going on. He wrote 'plygs' a fact-based journalistic novel of the FLDS.

Polygamy that is taught through religion is NOT a choice. They live it or they are forever damned. They live it or they will not see their children in the afterlife. They live it or they will be cast out with nothing… no home, no food, no family, no children, no friends… NOTHING…

Reality TV is just that ... TV... it is a SHOW and if you believe that this is the reality of polygamy you need to do some more homework...

adamat34 adamat34

PS God is forgiving, loving and wants.us.to be happy and good people. Saying.someone will not see he kingdom of Heaven for whatevee sin they commit against their "profit" is bullshit. People who seek the Lord find him. Its not about how many wives they have or 100+ children....God is love...period. this is a cult....brainwashing children to believe this shit. THIS MAN SHOULD BE IN PRISON

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Cara, as a resident of Southern Utah for 22 years,  I can attest that while these shows don't show all of polygamy, a sect in Colorado City doesn't define all of polygamy either. If you believe that one sect of polygamists represents an entire diverse group YOU need to do some more homework. While what goes on in the FLDS church is deplorable and the church should be disbanded but a trip to Northern Utah would do you some good. I have a lot of friends in the Utah County area that are in families very similar to Sister Wives and this is a pretty accurate representation of their every day lives. I have also met Cody and his wives a few times, they are pretty much the same on the show as they are in real life. 

Adamat34, these women are consenting adults who knew what they were getting into before becoming romantically involved with Cody. There is no reason for him to be in prison, don't confuse all of polygamy with what goes in the FLDS church. These woman are consenting adults. Period. 

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