New Details About Lamar Odom's 'Groupie Junkie' Emerge: Why Are You Still With Him, Khloe?!

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Khloe Kardashian

New details about "the other woman" in this whole Lamar Odom/drug use mess are coming to light, and man, Khloe Kardashian must be some kind of saint if they are true. About a month ago, Khloe reportedly confronted Odom and Polina Polonsky, a young, pretty lawyer who is said to be one of the women he cheated on Khloe with, in a Los Angeles motel room where they were (supposedly) both doing crack.

Khloe is said to have dragged Odom out of there, and back home, that's where a bizarre series of texts between Odom and Polonsky occurred -- with a furious Khloe watching the whole communication go down.

According to TMZ, this is who texted what:

Lamar: "I "f**ked up." 

Polina: "You're corny." 

Lamar: "Groupie junkie ... crack head. U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.  They have footage, audio n pics."

Polina: "Stay in your lane." 

Lamar: "4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents."

What the heck? What is that last line about her "parents" even insinuating? I don't want to know. Poor Khloe. I don't care how much the world loves to see the Kardashians suffer, no one deserves to go through something like this. I'd love to think this conversation was just a false rumor but who would make up something as detailed and weird as this?
Not to mention that hours after his DUI arrest, Khloe tweeted: "Smile and no one will notice."
I'm sure all the people who have ever been co-dependants are crumbling inside. Supporting an addicted spouse are partner is admirable, but there's a certain point where you just have to bow and realize you can't fix them. You just have to take care of yourself.
Maybe this latest Instagram photo of Khloe posing with her makeup team (above) the same day as Odom's DUI is a sign she's doing just that. If so, she deserves praise and not criticism.
Do you think there's anything that Khloe can do at this point to help Lamar?
Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram


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ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

She's the only Kardashian I've ever liked. She seems real, and like a person I'd actually like to hang with. So I really feel for her. They were the one couple I thought might actually last.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I'm actually starting to think that she never had actual fertility problems. I think that she didn't want to have a baby with him while he had these horrible problems. I am sure she loves him and I don't doubt that maybe she had a hard time getting pregnant but I wonder if she kinda stopped trying when his problem got worse.

Amanda Thomas

That picture of her shows how beautiful she really is. I feel for her in her situation. Not everyone would be so dedicated to their spouse in the time of need.

However, Khloe...girl, you need to get out of there! Can't save a sinking ship.

Linda Paskal Freudiger

Girl, your all that and hotter than the 97 temps in cincy! You've tried your best and I know, I went through 2 1/2 years of hell before I realized it was because my husband was on oyxcotin and I had to walk away because I knew only he had to want to get better, worst part I waited 14 years after my first divorce to finally feel this was a man I could trust. Get rid of the baggage as hard as it will be and find you some happiness, I'm sure they are lining up!

Yolie Scott

Only Khloe can make the decision to either stay or leave LO, even if he off drugs and she stayed with him - it would always be in her mind when she is not with him - is he still doing drugs, is he still having affairs. So until she makes up her mind one way or another, she will continue to be miserable.

nonmember avatar pamski

i love them together forever..hang in their kloe he needs u ..for better for worse..xo much happiness

Chas Smith Curbow

As a person who has dealt with a spouse using... My advice would be for Khloe to take care of herself and recognize any ways that she could be enabling the use and stop it. Lamar will only change when he is ready. Khloe is a beautiful woman and person (my favorite Kardashian).

nonmember avatar Patricia Miller

Khloe..I dealt with a daughter hooked on heroin for 7 yrs. I lost her for those 7 yrs & her & will continue for the rest of our lives to put our lives back together. You see an addict can not truly start to recover until they hit rock bottom and they,only they decide they need to get sober.The best thing you can do for Lamar is not to able him in anyway to lead a normal life. He should not be able to live at home, no car (no keys), any joint accounts should have his name removed, as well as cell. If he has a business manager that gives him money, see a lawyer to see if there is someway funds can be cut off from him. Believe me, this has to be done,because I can tell u right now, he is still using and lying to you. Addicts are the best liars in the world and they will do everything and anything to get their drugs. Please be safe and smart about this situation.

Lori Testy

You are so right Chas. Lamar has to quit himself and want it. No matter how much you love an addict, that doesn't compare to their drugs. He has a great life and is messing it up bad. I feel so bad for Khloe. No wonder Lamar was never on any of the vacation on the Kardashian show. He was too busy doing dumb stuff. I can see why Khloe tried to keep this from her family. I can only imagine what Kris is saying to her. I thought they seemed like a really happy couple. I guess looks can be decieving. Hope their marriage can survive this HUGE problem.

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