Amanda Bynes May Be in Psychiatric Hospital for a Very Long Time

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Amanda BynesWe haven't heard much from about Amanda Bynes lately, but she is still being held in a psychiatric facility. She apparently did not really leave the facility in Los Angeles for the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, as reported a couple of weeks ago. TMZ says that woman in a blue wig who looks just like Amanda isn't really her and they got sold a fake photo -- at least according to Amanda's mother's attorney. BUT. It looks like Amanda is NOW headed to that center -- where she can legally be held for, listen to this, up to a YEAR!

We knew Amanda had some serious issues -- possibly even schizophrenia -- but doctors who petitioned to keep her in the facility for a year must think her troubles run very, very deep. That is a heckua long time for a judge to agree to hold someone in a mental facility.

That said, it appears that she may not actually spend that whole time there. The plan is reportedly to keep her in the UCLA center for another two months, and then transfer her to her parents' house. Her mother now has temporary conservatorship over Amanda and can make decisions regarding her health.

But the year-long hold should mean that, if things don't work out, Amanda can be legally transferred back to the hospital.

In the past, Amanda has had little good to say about her parents, so I wonder how that will all unfold. Has she received enough help in the hospital that she can now live peaceably with them and continue to progress? Or will being under their roof again trigger her old issues?

Considering that reportedly Amanda told the psychiatrists at the facility that her parents had tried to kill her and she claimed they stole from her and all of the other disturbing details about her behavior before her involuntary commitment, it may not go so smoothly.

But hopefully it does. People with serious mental conditions can and do turn it around when they get the proper help.

Do you think Amanda will be okay with her parents?


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Daisy Haverstock

A lot of her issues are tied to her parents. Sounds like she feels that they are her "tormentors". Living with her parents will not end well.

nonmember avatar Mallomary

You have this filed under "Heartbreaking." While it is terribly sad to see someone afflicted by schizophrenia or a related disorder, but it would be even more heartbreaking if she wasn't getting the care she needed. If she's been properly diagnosed and is receiving proper therapy, I'd have to put this in the win column.

grous... grousseau

I hope and pray that Amanda gets the help that she needs. She was such a part of our family tv time. I want to see that she gets well soon. God bless

Elizabeth Lopez

So much drama for one person, there are so many others suffering that aren't famous. This is neither a win nor is it heartbreaking. She has real issues, so do many others. It's called life.


nonmember avatar jackie

i think she will be find with her parents and when it comes to the stealing its all in her head. i have a brother with schizophrenia and hes always blaming the neighbors about everything he said that the neighbors always eat his food that they steal his money from the bank and there always spying on him

N_mar... N_maricle

M k ultra rears it's ugly head.

Spark Kickingassand TakenNames

she is not going crazy her parents might us really did try to steal and kill her shit was a successful actress at a very young age im sure her parents just collected her checks come on now if someone is crazy its cause they made her that way no way now she is crazy it would of showed yrs ago is what im saying.

Heather 'Harris'Smith

While I am glad she if finally getting treatment, this is very likely far from over. People with serious mental disorders are a work in progress for a lifetime. I just hope that she can find some stability and the issues with her parents stemmed from paranoia and hallucination, not reality.

Kency09 Kency09

Spark, PSYCH 101: onset of schizophrenia can be sudden, mostly between the Age of early to late adolescence. Her downward spiral over the past year or so has been textbook for a schizophrenic break.

nonmember avatar Amanda

From what I've read, she had a great relationship with her parents until all of this stuff started happening. Then she became upset (purportedly because they wouldn't allow her to spend all of her money) and then she cut them out and continued her crazy downward spiral.

Whether or not she does well with her parents depends on how well her treatments are working

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