Miley Cyrus' Naughty Antics Are Nothing New: 5 Female Pop Stars Who Did ‘Bad Girl’ Better (VIDEOS)

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miley cyrusYou know what they say: Nothing's shocking! And yes, that goes for Miley Cyrus and her tongue-waggling, butt-wiggling antics. (Even the furries thing is totally been there, done that.) Sure, there's that momentary jaw-dropping thing that happens when you see somebody like the former Hannah Montana parade around on stage like some crackhead with a lizard tongue using a super fan foam finger as a sex toy, but the truth is, pop starlets (not just famous females, of course, but for our purposes let's stick to girl stuff) have been pulling out the shock value stops for decades, and most have done a much better job than Miley. Take, for example, the most infamous moments of these 5 attention-seeking celebs

First up? Madonna, obvs! When the Material Girl performed "Like a Virgin" at the 1984 VMAs, parents the world over gasped in horror -- but they still bought their starstruck little girls those awesome fingerless lace gloves. Check it:

Now, who can forget Janet Jackson's "accidental" Superbowl Halftime Show nip slip?? Not Justin Timberlake!

Once upon a time, Christina Aguilera seemed like a nice Mouseketeer. Then THIS happened:

Two for the price of one: Britney Spears AND Rihanna, and a staged smooch:

That Lady Gaga! When all is said and done, she's a good egg ... ha. Seriously though, this was some crazy stuff:

See what I mean? Miley's just the latest link in a long-ass chain of ladies who like to get their freak on -- or at least like to ACT like they like to get their freak on, cause talk about publicity!!

Which of these moments was the most shocking to you?


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nonmember avatar Me

Thank you, thank you, thank you for not putting that in a slideshow!!!!!!!!

kissa... kissandtell

All of them did it better than Miley.

nonmember avatar Me

You forgot Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Little Richard to name a few. To suggest that this is only a female phenomenon and/or that for women to perform this way is somehow more unacceptable or shocking is sexist as well as dated thinking.

Steff Green Jones

Yes Madonna shocked us way back then, but the difference was she could really sing and dance, without auto tune BTW, and she was not nearly naked.


mamat... mamatreat

Uh "Me," you might want to read the article again- she stated there were plenty of men that've done it but that she was going to stick to females. Read before you make comments. 

nonmember avatar shandeigh

The biggest difference between them and Miley... they actually have some sex-appeal... Miley can't pull it off. She comes across as a desperate tween.

AionG... AionGladiator

Why was Janet Jackson included in this? As I recall, Justin pulled on her top, which was what exposed her nipple. She didn't do it on purpose, or to look like a bad girl or whatever.

Melissa Mullins

I know we are talking about females here, but Miley was not as bad as some men, remember Prince and his cut out butt cheeks Yellow Jump suit, or Howard Stern flying down in a buffed up naked man suite. Or how about when MJ and Lisa Marie Kissed on stage (that was a shocker). But I also seem to remember some non lezzy kisses between singers. Miley is just having fun and entertaining saying "HEY, I AM NOT A KID ANYMORE, I GREW UP!"

And Also I was sexy and flirty in naughty ways while in public, what crazy stuff did these people do when they where her age? Got to college, get drunk, do drugs, go to jail, party non stop, play some strip poker with people they don't know? 

It could be worse, he could be Amanda Bynes, or Lindsey Lohan or other youths her age getting in to trouble. People need to just stop thinking this is wrong and bow it all out of proportions. 

nonmember avatar Zachary

@alongladiator, you're joking, right? Please tell me you're not serious.

Pixie030 Pixie030

@ steph.. I have heard many people say that Madonna only had her sex appeal going for her and during her first at least 10 yrs of fame.. her voice was very limited. And @Aion Gladiator, Janet Jackson's rep people are the ones who came out saying it was a complete accident and was only supposed to have shown her bra after backlash started.. I doubt very seriously it was that much of a wardrobe malfuntion because firstly.. I have never had a bra that the cup could be yanked off with one little grab.. secondly, I don't get why she would have been wearing the gold nipple shield piercing if she didn't plan to show it off as shock value. Though I personally like those two artists and nothing Miley has done has been considered shocking to me or anything new.

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