'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock May End Up Tying the Knot Before 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe

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desiree chris hartsock siegfried instagramSeems like ever since this year's Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock handed her final rose to Chris Siegfried, the couple has been plagued by rumors of a split. But the co-habitating, Seattle-based couple couldn't seem happier these days. Not only did they recently spend a "relaxing weekend in Lake Chelan" with friends, according to Des's Instagram account, but Chris shared with his alma mater's student newspaper that they plan to go up to Crystal, a Washington mountain popular for skiing and snowboarding, and Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. Busy couple! Does that all that traveling leave time for ... wedding planning?!

While they've been pretty mum on the topic since the beginning of the month, one source claims Chris and Des will be married before we know it ... probably even before Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiancee Catherine Giudici!

Not that these reality show relationships ever follow any sort of clockwork pattern ... The couples who get engaged first don't necessarily get married first (or stay together for that matter, of course). But hearing that Des and Chris could be the next to tie the knot is definitely intriguing! This according to sources I'd trust more than a tabloid's potentially made-up "insiders": AstroChicks.com's astrologers!

They predicted a while back that Desiree and the man of her choosing would "give Trista and Ryan a run for their money in the 'most loved' couple department." Whoa! And more recently, they say:

We think Chris Siegfried, a Sagittarius, brings a sense of adventure to his relationship with Bachelorette Desiree. He lives and loves life to its fullest, and he’s a super loyal guy. We think their love will not only be based on a solid foundation of friendship and love, but we think Chris would be SUPER committed to his marriage. Bachelorette Desiree is definitely a lucky girl.

Aww! What's more, they think "Bachelorette Desiree and Chris will make it to the wedding altar before Bachelor Sean. Our astrology prediction is a post-Bachelor wedding to give ABC a ratings sweep." In other words, Des and Chris may be tying the knot right after JuanPabs' season wraps?! OMG. Exciting! I could definitely see that happening. And maybe it's just me, but I'd actually rather see Des and Chris's wedding before Sean and Catherine's! Wonder if that's how it'll play out?!

What do you think about AstroChicks' wedding prediction for Chris and Des?


Image via ChrisSiegfried/Instagram

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Diane Thebeau

I think it's great !! They do belong together so let's see a wedding soon !! I hope we do :)

Roberta Howard

Glad it is not Sean .... Poor Chris


nonmember avatar Rinna

I am not really sure about Desiree's true feelings. If I were the family of Chris, I will be very worried. I'm so glad that Sean sent her home. She was so distraught that Brooks didn't reciprocate her feelings, and then bounce back so quickly and professed her love to Chris. WTF! Was it the huge ring? Where is her dignity? It's really mind boggling. Well, I hope Chris won't wake up one of these days and realized how much of a fool he is!

Derek W. Newell

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Puri Shea

There you go admin,,, that is what I want to read about this couple... they are belong together!

nonmember avatar Kat

Love this couple and can't wait to se their wedding. They are going to have some very cute kids someday! They are so blessed to have found each other and Des definitely has the right guy. Brooks wouldn't have lasted. Chris is everything, tall dark and handsome--and funny too.

Arleen Spendlove

I think Des and Chris are already looking at letter press luxurious wedding invitations. Thre is one lady that Des said in her twitter account to #DM me about details and samples, and we will look at them " . It is an American small business company with five to six personnel specializing in " luxurious wedding invitations " from Michigan.

Noelle Devlin

I hope they do the tv wedding. It was undecided based on their recent interviews. I think Des was honest when she said she was blindsided by the (moron) and she is glad she finally saw how wonderful Chris was and how much she could love him. I wish them both the best.

nonmember avatar Linda

How can she stand it that he doesn't shave. Pictures of Brooks too show he doesn't either, well to each his own but sorry it doesn't look good on them IMO.

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