Lamar Odom Arrested for DUI & Continues His Downward Spiral

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Lamar OdomI don't normally do a lot of keeping up with the Kardashians, but I have been reluctantly paying attention to the unhappy news about Khloe's husband Lamar Odom. From this outsider's perspective, the whole story has just seemed so crazy: he's cheating on her! He's missing and addicted to drugs! He's back home but they've decided to separate! It sort of seemed like he was caught up in a tabloid frenzy that had virtually no accuracy whatsoever, particularly when Khloe took to Twitter to rant about people "talking shit" about her family.

However, based on the breaking news that the veteran NBA player was arrested at around 4 a.m. today on suspicion of DUI, it's sounding like Odom really is in a mess of trouble right now. Sadly for Khloe, the wild speculation about what exactly is going on with Odom is far from over.

According to TMZ, Odom was busted by the California Highway Patrol at 3:54 a.m. after officers spotted him driving a white Mercedes SUV in a "serpentine manner." He was also driving too slow: around 50 MPH. Worse, Odom didn't immediately respond when offers signaled for him to pull over, and he drove past two exits on the 101 before finally coming to a stop.

According to a CHP report,

(Odom showed) objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform field sobriety tests as explained and demonstrated.

He was eventually booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs, and held on $15,000 bail at Van Nuys jail where he refused all chemical tests for the presence of drugs in his system.

I have no idea what's true and what isn't when it comes to the rumors about Lamar Odom's infidelity, drug addiction, failed interventions, and marriage troubles, but it's clear that something bad is going on. When a celebrity gets pulled over for a DUI in the midst of a massive image crisis, it seems like a pretty safe bet to assume there's a legitimate downward spiral in progress.

Here's hoping that this arrest ends up being a turning point for Lamar Odom. Regardless of what happens next between him and Khloe, it would be great if the next big news is that he's checked into a rehab center.

Are you surprised to hear Lamar Odom just got busted for a DUI? Do you think all the rumors about him lately are based in truth?

Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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MissF... MissFrenchie

I think this man is obviously going through a very difficult time in his life and we need to leave him alone. For the most part I think celebrities are in the spotlight for better or worse and shouldn't be surprised by paparazzi or reporters taking pics or writing stories. But I was taught you shouldn't kick someone when they're down. We should all extend that courtesy to celebrities and regular people alike and this story serves no purpose beyond speculation and gossip about someone who is obviously in crisis. 

nonmember avatar HopeHeGetsWell

He hasn't been the same since the 2011 accident in Queens in which his chauffeur crashed into a bike, which ran down a 15 year old pedestrian. After that he suffered major depression, as would anyone who witnessed or who was involved in an accident where a child died. His performance suffered, his job was on the line, that's when the start of the cheating dates back to, as well as the suffering of trying to have a baby, and drug use. That accident changed him. It triggered something in him, that upset him to his core. He is still a father to two other children. A third child died of SIDS at 6 months. He just fell into a bad place, and is having trouble finding his way out.

Patricia Anne Smith- LaMarca

Just leave the man alone,, and Khloe as well, im sure she is devastated right now, and doen't need any big media lies. As far as Lamar is concerned ,,, the most importatnt thing anyone can do for him right now is give him privacy , so he can figure out whats the matter. Privacy people privacy!!!

nonmember avatar sandy

Clearly, there is truth behind the rumors. But more importantly is the truth of the love between Khloe and Lamar. I can only imagine how doubtful she must feel, i.e., "Did I ever really know him?" But I think she did see the best parts of "Lammy," and that she could have done nothing to stop an addict from eventually seeking out his fix. I truly pray for Lamar and Khloe: They need thoughts of strength and wellness.

Dionne Davis


Maria L Pedraza Nieves

I don't know if they are true but if they are they lamar & khloe need to handle their marriage problems on their own & the media need to stay out of it & let them resolve their own issues. i pray that he gets help & that khloe makes the right decision for herself

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