'50 Shades' Cast Could Be Revealed on Labor Day! 10 Stars Who May Be on the List (PHOTOS)

Fifty Shades of GreyIt feels like Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been debating casting options for the big movie for years now. Well, my friends, prepare yourselves and take a deep breath because I have some major casting news. Come Labor Day, we may finally know who is going to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. SERIOUSLY. According to the producer of the film himself, Dana Brunetti, the actors playing Christian and Ana will likely be confirmed and announced on Labor Day. Um, people, that's only THREE DAYS FROM NOW.

My head is spinning thinking about the idea that all of this speculation may FINALLY be done with! Will fan favorites Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer land the role of Christian? Could lesser-known Shailene Woodley snag the role from fan favorite Alexis Bledel? Soon, we'll know!

In the meantime, check out our roundup of top potential Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele candidates, here:

Are you STOKED?! Who do you think will get the roles?

Images via Splash News, Pacific Coast News

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Robbie Trahan Villarreal

OMG, thank God it will not be Ian Somerhalder or Kristen Stewart.. So Let's go Matt Bomer or better yet Chris Hemsworth.. For Anastasia let's hope for Alexis Bledel..... Oh my, can't wait..... Later's baby..

traceya1 traceya1

Um half the people u have listed have already been confirmed as will not be cast . also ur forgeting one of the top contenders jessie pavelka who is christian grey and has won most polls

Beatriz Genovesi

Always rooting for IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!

Clara Tezolin

Thank God there will be Matt Bomer, anyone but him!

nonmember avatar Jennifer

My pic is Henry cavill and if he's not in it I will not be watching the movie. Henry is hot and the right age. Bomer is too old to play Christian and they should stick to the right age frame. Besides Henry's hot and every woman would want to lick something off of him

Liz Young


Derek W. Newell

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